Why The Console System Is Here To Stay

By Scott Johnson

Video game systems are definitely still the king when it comes to playing video games. The PC, although powerful, is not the preferred method to play video games. Why is this? The answer is quite simple. A v ideo game console is faster, has controllers, and special networking features to make it easier than ever to jump into a game via the internet with another player.

An important reason that games are better on a console than a PC is that it is easier to play with another person on a console versus a PC. The reason for this is that a video console system plugs directly into your TV, which is usually bigger than a small PC monitor, which makes for easy playing with another person in the comfort of your own living room.

The third and biggest reason why consoles do so well is that the game selection is much better for console systems. Lets take the PS3 for example. In 2009, the game of the year was Uncharted 2 Drake's Fortune. This game alone sums up why the console market is better than the PC. This game is amazing! The story telling was unmatched by any game, not to mention the graphics and music were stunning. The multiplayer is also hands down one of the best experiences out there as far as modern video games go.

The Xbox360 is also a great candidate with some amazing games like the HALO series as well as games like Assassins Creed 2. These games have amazing visuals with super high frame rates that cannot be matched with a PC system.

While the PS4 is not even scheduled to be out until 2012, the gaming world relies heavily on companies like Sony and Microsoft to produce the world's greatest console's and games. The PC status is declining as more and more gamers are turnimg to the consoles. - 30430

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