What Is the Best Way to Block Adware?

By Graham McKenzie

Have you ever surfed the net only to be asked all of a sudden if you would like to bet $100 on your local football team? Or had your use of a website blocked by an ad for $200 blender? If you have, you know what it is like when your PC is infected with adware. Adware is annoying, and worse, it can be a portent of bigger issues to come, like spyware that emails your bank numbers, passwords, and ID you know not where, or viruses that might demolish your hard drive at any moment. Even if you avoid the very worst adware and spyware infections, they can slow down performance so that you could watch a movie online before your next hand of Solitaire loads.

Most PC users try block 100% of adware downloads, and employ software to purge it from their hard drives. There is no shortage of software that will blast every trace of adware infecting your computer from your hard drive and disk drives, too, but which ones are the best? Which programs make sure that you never have to deal with adware again? These are important questions to ask and hard questions to answer.

Adware prevention programs have to accomplish three basic things. First, any program that effectively blocks adware from your computer must be up to date on every definition of every adware program circulating on the Internet. The program must give you with regularly updated libraries of definitions of malicious code. What is the meaning of a "regular" update? If your adware prevention protection program is a week or two behind the adware programs released to the World Wide Web, then it is not going to do you very much good.

Secondly, effective adware blockers need to work without a prompt from you. They should scan your hard drive on a regular schedule even if you do not click on a "scan now" button. The program has to run 24/7/365. It has to scan every file you download, every email you open, and have information on every site you visit.

Third and finally, effective adware programs should be integrated with your web browser. This is the only way these programs can protect you in real time. Their list of questionable sites has to be updated constantly. You want a program that will protect you from adware before it ever strikes your PC.

It is not as difficult as one might think to keep adware off your computer. Purchase an adware prevention program that keeps its definitions up to the minute, stops you from landing on problem websites, and checks any file that downloads into your computer. Purchase software that accurately analyzes your hard drive without your having click for a manual scan. With the most effective software, annoying popups that hinder your enjoyment of the World Wide Web and slow performance on your PC soon will become a distant memory. - 30430

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