Spyware Anti Virus Software: What It Is, Why You Need It

By Graham McKenzie

Many people casually surf the Internet every day, never stopping to think about putting protection on their computer. Then one day they are chagrined to see that their PC has slowed down to a crawl, or even crashes. They wonder why this is happening. And the answer is likely to be spyware, a virus, or both.

There was a time several years ago when PC users only had to concern themselves with buying and maintaining anti-virus programs. There were hackers who wanted to maim PCs with a virus, but, at first, nobody would try to kill your PC with a worm or phish for your confidential data with a Trojan horse. It was enough to buy a single anti-virus program, and as long as the computer user made sure to download updates, they knew they were protected.

Nowadays it isn't as simple. There are thousands or even tens of thousands of malicious hackers out there trying to harm your computer with spyware and aware. Some people want to put their products in your face whether you want them or not. Others impose their antics on you in ways you would never expect.

But the fact is, there is something you can do about it. Everybody needs spyware antivirus software. This need is so critical that almost all antivirus programs now come with a spyware detection function.

Why Spyware Anti-virus Software Is Critical on Your Computer

The overwhelming majority of computer users don't give spyware a second thought because it is not something you see when you use your computer. Spyware is a sneaky download that infects your computer while you are performing innocent tasks.

The problem is that the people who write spyware and send it out over the net don't care how much they harm your computer. And if you clean it out, it often comes back in just hours or days. There are reliable statistics that indicate over 95% of all the computers in the world host spyware, and that spyware has become more common than viruses.

That's why, to preserve the performance of your computer, you simply must install spyware anti-virus software. This ensures that you will protect your computer as best you can for the duration of its life.

How Does Your PC Get Spyware?

There are several ways spyware infects your PC. And brand name companies are among the most insidious offenders. Often a software company will incorporate spyware into a software package to keep track of how you use their product. Although this information serves no insidious purpose, the existence of the spyware can make your computer run slow. Usually the user agreement informs you of the spyware somewhere in the fine print, but how many of us really read the agreement?

There's just no way you can ever be sure you have removed all spyware from your computer, but using two spyware anti-virus software programs at once comes very close. Read reviews on most spyware anti-virus software programs by doing a Google search. - 30430

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