Overclocking CPU For Extreme Computer Performance

By Dana Goldberg

A CPU overclock is a way to add more performance out of your computer without the cost of an expensive upgrade. Overclocking your processor and memory can boost your gaming performance if you are a gamer. It can also add a significant number to your overall windows score and even help with different desktop tasks.

Every processor and ram chipset out there has the ability to be clocked every just by a few digits. You can go into your BIOS when your computer boots up and change it in there. Be careful not to mess around too much in there and make sure you save your changes. Sometimes you may find that it doesn't work when you reboot your computer but that is ok because if you restart and go back in the Bios system you will be able to change it back to the original settings or just turn it down a little bit. Again remember to change it back when you are done.

Sometimes people wonder whether or not it is going to work and going to loose the hardware. This is however uncommon. The only activity that you might is is a blue crash screen or the computer freeze up and you need to reboot.

That will happen before any real problems will occur. You will really just see serious damage if you crank the clock and the processor cant handle the high volts that will be running. This is going to just cause it to over heat. If you have a new computer that is highly unlikely. But it is still serious so you need to test the clocking before you walk away to avoid damage.

Old processors don't usually have a heat sensor that will shut the computer down should something happen and it start to overheat. The only way it might happen is if your heat sync wasn't put on properly. This is the only real reason this failure will happen.

If you don't know what you are doing. Or, if you are unsure then please leave it to the pro's. They are the ones that truly know what they are looking for when it comes to a issue that might arise during a over clocking stage. - 30430

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