Is Your Computer Running Slow Because of Unneeded Applications That Use Your Computer's Memory Up?

By Kim Wilmont

If you are like a lot of people and work out of your home office it's difficult to meet important deadlines when our personal computer does not stay up with our chaotic work schedule. Also it is very annoying when they are so sluggish that they nearly die whenever we apply certain data demanding programs requiring a lot of memory capacity or RAM.

There can be a number of reasons for your "computer running slow" problem. And it's in distinguishing these causes that we may well discover actual repairs - even the easy repairs we may do on our own. And saving money on computer repair is important to all of us.

Also the brand new personal computer may be working too slow, especially if the manufacturer of the Computer installed before you received it some unneeded applications prior to your buying it. What you need to do is to start up your PC and look at the task bar's notification area (this would usually be in the bottom right corner, but depends on how you have your task-bars arranged). There are a number of icons hidden in the task-bar that actually is running in the background when you are doing your work. This means that it may well use up much of the free storage capacity from your PC, making it perform much slower when multiple applications are being used.

To be completely certain, right-click on the task-bar and also then select "task manager" and the Windows Task Manager should pop-up. You can even access this by mashing the shortcut "control-alt-delete" while the computer is running but be careful and simply push the shortcut just once or your PC will reboot. From here you will see just how many applications operate in the background (including the number of memory storage capacity they use). Also, simply shut down unnecessary programs by highlighting the single program and then clicking on End Task.

Of course there are additional causes for a "computer running slow" but doing this will most certainly help your personal computer work quicker than before. - 30430

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