The Five Things you Should Know About the New Warcraft Movie

By Paul Rone-Clarke

It has been six months since the official announcement of the first Warcraft movie, and although some specifics are a little scarce, we now know quite a bit about the outline of the movie and what we might expect when it is finally released.

It will be directed by Sam Raimi. This is good news. Sam has great directorial experience on films such as Evil Dead and Scream, not to mention the first three Spider Man movies. The Hollywood rumour mill has it that Sam is keen to keep to the existing lore and outline of Warcraft. Something that can't be said for many film tie-ins who immediately alienate the audience by breaking the whole Lore of the product they are based on. Good news then.

It is being written by the Robert Rodat (not Donat as reported elsewhere. Bob Donat is dead. We have said our final goodbye to Mr Chips sadly). Anyway, again a great pedigree. He wrote Saving Private Ryan, apparently after sitting and thinking on his son's eighth birthday about war (apparently his son 's birthday is 6th June - D-Day). Not sure if my 9 year old would be happy if I spent his birthday musing about the past, but in Robert's case it proved to be a good thing. Ryan is perhaps the greatest and most realistic take on war Hollywood has done in the last thirty years...

The location for most scenes is likely to be New Zealand. Again, the precedent is set with films like Lord of the Rings showing that this spectacular landscape can certainly become a realistic fantasy backdrop. It's not difficult to imagine an "Azerothian" feel.

Don't hold your breath for this film. Although the people who announce on release dates are pretty tight lipped. We are being told that a film of this type will be at least another two years in the making. However, I would bet that it timed to be released with the expansion AFTER Cataclysm, and that will be at least three years from now. Expect there to be some shared concepts between the two. Perhaps even the re-emergence of "World of Warcraft 2" rumours that have been doing the rounds recently.

With the director and writer in place we can expect an action based movie to be the result. LotR was a quest movie with action in it. Warcraft will be an action movie with some quest and plot advancement in it. That's speculation for now, but with the pedigree of the writer and director (not to mention the production company) it seems far more likely that we will see a lot of hack and slash (and whizz and puff for the magic users out there)

So far no names have been mooted for the leading role (or roles). It is unlikely that the film's producers have even got around to deciding themselves yet

The production company is Legendary Pictures of "300" and "Batman Begins". Again, fantastic news for those of us waiting for a real action movie with top notch production values. I'm just thankful that Michael Bay has nothing to do with it any more. A man that can turn any specific title into "generic mush" with his direction should be kept well away from this movie. With it now being clear that this man is no longer part of the Warcraft movie we can breath easily knowing that it's unlikely that our much beloved game will be turned into "ABC action movie on rails - with no regard to existing plot or Lore - made to showcase my special effects team Part 4" like most of Bay's output seems to be. Rant off.

This site is up and running again now, and we look forward to bringing you all the latest and best in Warcraft news in the coming months. See you soon. - 30430

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