Avoid Cable Bill With Satelite TV On PC

By George Harkins

You can forget about cable bills with Satelite TV on PC according to those who promote and sell the software that allows you to view satellite television on your personal computer. Technology seems to know no bounds in this world where your computer is your way to touch and be touched by the world.

Years ago my friend in the dessert had a satellite dish that had to be adjusted if someone pressed the wrong button on the remote control. He would have to go outside and move the satellited dish back into the right position.

But if you can get satellite TV on your personal computer well you certainly not have that problem. And with satellite TV you can receive many more stations that your local cable company does not provide. You can watch news, movies, programs, and sports from the world over.

You can receive receptions from many foreign countries. You can hear news and how it is reported by other countries. It is also interesting to hear morning talks shows from other countries. They actually copy the format from this country. You will see the almost same format but in a different language.

Some of the companies claim you will get reception from more than 65 countries. And this also means music stations, and premium movie channels, and as mentioned channels of sports from around the world. The world truly shrinks day after day when you can see television from all over this world with your connection to a satellite feed.

You will hear the news differently from how you might be used to hearing it. The rest of the world has its own slant on the news and you will be able to hear this on the satellite connection. You can compare their news view with how you are used to hearing it. As you know a satellite dish installation can be very expensive. And the satellite on your property is less than beautiful.

In addition you will have to have a satellite provider which is yet an additional monthly expense. You will need a system of maintenance in place. If you live in an area with a lot of wind you will have to fix any damage to your dish. If you can receive satellite on your personal computer you will not have any maintenance issues.

And no satellite provider to pay for your service. Most companies that offer this software say that the software works on any PC. And they say there is nothing illegal about using this software. Recently there was an article saying that cable bills are going to go up. It seems the broadcasters want a bigger share of the cable company revenue.

The cable company wants to keep their profit base, no surprise here, so they will pass the bill to their customer base. So the cable users will pay the broadcasters who are demanding more money. And when they in a few years want more money from the cable company the cable people will again raise rates. You can avoid this game if you can get satellite TV on your personal computer. - 30430

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