Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Software: What's the Difference?

By Graham McKenzie

Every time you log into the World Wide Web from your PC, you expose it to unseen malice. Chances are you are all too familiar with the ads that warn you about the horrible malware that can burrow its way into your hard drive. Malicious programs from hackers in lands far and near can hijack your email account. They can give identity thieves access to your bank account and your credit cards. They can steal your very name. So, it only makes good sense that the first thing you ever do with your new Internet-ready PC is to protect it from the unseen dangers of the net. But what kind of software do you need? Anti-spyware, anti-virus software, or both?

To answer that question, let's first take a look at what anti-virus and anti-spyware programs protect your PC against. A virus is a small file that can attach itself to your hard drive. Viruses attack your computer surreptitiously from the Internet. When click on their file, or when a "timer" goes off, they launch their attacks. Virus can delete your data. They can edit your registry. Or they can slow everything to a crawl.

Spyware also arrives at your computer from the World Wide Web. Malicious programmers usually attach spyware to another piece of software. This program can come into your PC through email or off a third party website. Like a virus, it will activate when you open it. However, Spyware is not obviously harmful. Instead, the spyware program will start burrowing deep into your computer and sending information about your computer and your online activities to the person who created it. It might just be your email address. Soon your inbox is full of spam. Or it might be your financial records, stolen by an identity theft. The only way you can know whether you have spyware is the run a detection program, but you can make a good guess that it's spyware if your computer runs slow.

So, what's the difference between anti-spyware and anti-virus software? Well, most of the time, your computer protection these days provides both. Checking for new spyware and virus definitions every week, your protection software will scan your hard drive regularly to make sure it is not infected.

Anti-virus programs will usually integrate themselves into your email and web browser. This keeps malicious programs from ever infecting your computer in the first place. Anti-spyware software may perform the same function, but it is usually more from removing files that have already infected your computer. Anti-spyware will often provide you with a tool that will scan websites you are about to visit. It will stop you from logging on and tell you they contain malicious code or have been reported as installing spyware on other computers, or if the anti-spyware designer has safety concerns about the site.

To keep your computer secure and free from viruses and spyware, your best option is to obtain software that protects you from both. Anti-virus software and anti-spyware software in the same software suite offer you a more complete, reliable protection against the ever growing number of harmful programs that threaten your PC from the World Wide Web. - 30430

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The Five Things you Should Know About the New Warcraft Movie

By Paul Rone-Clarke

It has been six months since the official announcement of the first Warcraft movie, and although some specifics are a little scarce, we now know quite a bit about the outline of the movie and what we might expect when it is finally released.

It will be directed by Sam Raimi. This is good news. Sam has great directorial experience on films such as Evil Dead and Scream, not to mention the first three Spider Man movies. The Hollywood rumour mill has it that Sam is keen to keep to the existing lore and outline of Warcraft. Something that can't be said for many film tie-ins who immediately alienate the audience by breaking the whole Lore of the product they are based on. Good news then.

It is being written by the Robert Rodat (not Donat as reported elsewhere. Bob Donat is dead. We have said our final goodbye to Mr Chips sadly). Anyway, again a great pedigree. He wrote Saving Private Ryan, apparently after sitting and thinking on his son's eighth birthday about war (apparently his son 's birthday is 6th June - D-Day). Not sure if my 9 year old would be happy if I spent his birthday musing about the past, but in Robert's case it proved to be a good thing. Ryan is perhaps the greatest and most realistic take on war Hollywood has done in the last thirty years...

The location for most scenes is likely to be New Zealand. Again, the precedent is set with films like Lord of the Rings showing that this spectacular landscape can certainly become a realistic fantasy backdrop. It's not difficult to imagine an "Azerothian" feel.

Don't hold your breath for this film. Although the people who announce on release dates are pretty tight lipped. We are being told that a film of this type will be at least another two years in the making. However, I would bet that it timed to be released with the expansion AFTER Cataclysm, and that will be at least three years from now. Expect there to be some shared concepts between the two. Perhaps even the re-emergence of "World of Warcraft 2" rumours that have been doing the rounds recently.

With the director and writer in place we can expect an action based movie to be the result. LotR was a quest movie with action in it. Warcraft will be an action movie with some quest and plot advancement in it. That's speculation for now, but with the pedigree of the writer and director (not to mention the production company) it seems far more likely that we will see a lot of hack and slash (and whizz and puff for the magic users out there)

So far no names have been mooted for the leading role (or roles). It is unlikely that the film's producers have even got around to deciding themselves yet

The production company is Legendary Pictures of "300" and "Batman Begins". Again, fantastic news for those of us waiting for a real action movie with top notch production values. I'm just thankful that Michael Bay has nothing to do with it any more. A man that can turn any specific title into "generic mush" with his direction should be kept well away from this movie. With it now being clear that this man is no longer part of the Warcraft movie we can breath easily knowing that it's unlikely that our much beloved game will be turned into "ABC action movie on rails - with no regard to existing plot or Lore - made to showcase my special effects team Part 4" like most of Bay's output seems to be. Rant off.

This site is up and running again now, and we look forward to bringing you all the latest and best in Warcraft news in the coming months. See you soon. - 30430

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What Is Your Best Way to Perform Adware and Spyware Removal?

By Graham McKenzie

If there's anything no computer user wants, it is a computer clogged with adware and spyware. These malicious marauders of your computer cache can originate anywhere on the net. They can enter your PC through an email, or a file you should not have downloaded, or when you land on a malicious website. But no matter where they come from, adware and spyware waste no time beginning to slow down your computer. Even worse, they may email your personal financial information for criminal use, or they may open the door for even more malicious software to cause your computer havoc. You simply have to keep a good remedy on hand to remove both kinds of malicious software, and this removal methods needs to protect you 24/7/365.

There are three characteristics of good adware or spyware removal programs. Effective adware or spyware removal routines scan everything you view on the Internet. This kind of removal software should require minimal memory and it needs to operate at all times. If you have to scan your hard drive manually every time you download something from the net?and nobody can?eventually you will let something harmful slip through. The best programs are ever-vigilant against viruses and spyware.

Second, effective adware and spyware removal programs have to be capable of digging deep into your files. If adware or spyware already infects your PC, they could lurk almost anywhere. You may have trouble finding them, but they do not have trouble slowing your computer down. A good removal program scans every single file on your PC accurately. It makes use of the latest definitions, updated once a week, and it doesn't let anything slip past it. An incomplete scan, or an out-of-date definition simply won't do you any good.

The third and final distinguishing characteristic of a useful adware and spyware removal software is filtering. Definitions and filters will tell you to halt before you visit malicious websites or, worse, open malicious files. Integrated with your browser, these software options permit you to know whenever they encounter a website that other users have blacklisted. They inform you when you arrive at a site listed as a potential problem by the software?s developers. The malicious website list not only relies on a user-reported database of bad sites, it also is alert to signs of suspicious behaviors. Either way, the software tells your browser to warn you before entering the site. And it also identifies potentially harmful files.

Good anti-adware and anti-spyware programs protect your computer. They set up a defensive perimeter around your computer protecting it from adware and spyware. They guard your files and keep your PC virus and spyware free. - 30430

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Some Information On Buying PC Software

By Andrew Johnson

You may be thinking of improving your computer and your own productivity by investing in new software for your computer. No matter what your needs are, there are usually a great number of software choices that will meet your needs. It can be hard to figure out what to buy or download, but if you keep some simple things in mind when deciding upon your pc software, the search will be easier.

Don't spend more money than you can afford on new software. Decide how much money you can spend before you start shopping. However, if unaffordable software is the only thing that will meet your needs, buy it later. It might go on sale and you will have time to save up.

If spending is not your thing, there are some free options on the Web. Some companies and websites offer free legal software for download. Be careful not to download any infected software, though, and only get software from reputable sources with reviews.

You may think that free software won't be able to do much, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by the options. There are free audio editors and sound synthesizers, as well as free video editors. In addition, there are free word processors, transcription software, and applications for manipulating and producing graphics.

If you are buying new software from a store or online, ensure that it actually is unused. When you get your software, make sure it comes with all of the packaging and that it's sealed properly. It is important to make sure the software is completely new and unused because if the software isn't, you probably won't be able to install and use it.

It is possible to purchase software that has already been used by someone else. However, you need to be cautious. When software is installed, the manufacturer usually requires the user to register it under their name and to make an account on the software's website before it can be used. You will have to make sure that the software you are buying allows for the registration to be transferred and that the seller puts it in your name once you pay.

If you need lots of software to perform a variety of similar tasks, like only office applications or graphical applications, you can purchase a software package, instead of each one singly. This will save you money in the long run. Also, many companies give students discounts, so don't forget to take advantage of that too.

Figuring out what pc software to get can be a difficult decision to make, but you have many options. Some companies even offer free demo versions, so you can try before you buy. - 30430

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Registry Clean Download And A Clean Registry Equals Better Performance

By Eddie Johnson

Help to improve the performance of your personal computer by getting a registry clean download today, as is freely available on the internet. This will help you to fix a number of errors that might occur on your PC's Windows registry.

Your computer has a database with important information about the configuration of your computer. This is called the Windows registry and with use, the database grows daily and might become cluttered.

AS you use the computer, old files and unused data start to accumulate in the registry and start to clutter it. The computer will start working more slowly and errors occur.

The system's performance becomes affected as the drive becomes more cluttered and strange software problems occur.

When you download a cleaner, many of which are freely available on the internet, your system will run faster and it will become free of errors commonly related to a cluttered registry.

Registry clean downloads generally offer a backup and restore feature which will restore any files that you have removed by mistake. This could lead to system failure, but with the backup and restore function that can be solved quickly.

A registry cleaner can be used on most operating systems.

Registry errors occur when important data is left behind during removals of software. This might also happen when software is not removed correctly.

Missing or corrupt hardware drivers could also cause problems within the Windows registry that might affect the performance of your PC.

A sudden slowness or slow loading of Windows might indicate a registry error.

A registry cleaner scans the Windows registry to find invalid or unnecessary files within the registry. At the end of a scan a list of the errors are displayed and you will get to select which files to remove.

A cleaning program will improve the system's overall performance and stability, which will in turn make your life a whole lot easier.

Most registry cleaners allow you to make back-ups of the entries you chose to repair. You can always restore changes using the back-up feature.

User-friendly interfaces allow one to easily improve the performance and stability of your computer.

Registry entries and DLL files are left behind by many programs when they are removed or uninstalled.

Invalid ActiveX controls as well as invalid fonts, paths, installer references and invalid help files are picked up by registry cleaners.

If you run mentioned cleaners on a regular basis, your computer will run more problem free. - 30430

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Registry Cleaning - How It Can Make Your Computer Run Faster

By Mark Walters

You, like every other computer owner, want your computer to run as fast as it possibly can. I will tell you how to do that in a second. First though, lets take a look at the main reason why Windows based PCs become slower, and start crashing and freezing, over time.

One of the main causes for slow computer performance and decreased PC speed is what is called the registry, which is similar to a database and is an integral part of every Windows PC. Your computer programs are frequently accessing your computer's registry, though this is done in the background, without you being made aware of it.

Each time a program is installed or run, the registry is either added to or modified. Whilst the registry is designed for this happen to it, errors, in terms of faulty entries and the overwriting of necessary entries, begin to accumulate.

As errors in the registry accumulate, your computer takes longer to search through it in order to find the information that it needs. When it comes across a faulty entry, or is looking for one that has been overwritten, this causes it to freeze up or crash.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and it does not involve you having to buy a new computer, or even any new hardware at all. All that you need to do is find the errors in your registry, and then fix them.

However, since the registry consists of many thousands of entries it is literally impossible to fix this problem by hand. Therefore, what you need is some special software, which is called a registry cleaner.

A registry cleaner is an essential tool which will do an excellent job of scanning your registry for the errors that it contains. When it detects them it will fix and repair them. The registry cleaner will also check your system files and can alert you if it detects a problem.

Using a registry cleaner to make your PC faster is normally straight forward and does not need any special knowledge of your PC or the registry internals. It will scan and fix those problems automatically, simply by clicking a button on the screen.

Once the registry scan has been started, you can just leave it to run, and when you come back to it you will find a report awaiting you that shows what errors were found and what action was taken to repair them. You will also be given some tips and advice on how to prevent those errors from occurring again.

So, there you have it, if you want a faster, more efficient, computer, just use a good registry cleaner on a regular basis. - 30430

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Select The Best Hard Drive

By Phillip L. Burnsen

An external hard drive serves the same purpose as an internal hard drive, with the added functionality of portability. External drives are usually connected via an external port on your PC or laptop. Usually this suggests a USB port and cable. For the sake of disk speed, you want to take a look at drives that employ a USB 2.0 data connection. Most new PCs and computers will have 2.0 USB connections.

Consider whether the external drive comes with any backup software. A backup hard drive is only handy if you can depend on its backups, and you take human error out of the equation with a well set-up backup program, which backs up key files ( or everything on your principal drive ) at regular intervals, which you'll be able to pick. The best time to set information backup software to run is at night or another time when you're not using your PC. Most external disk drives nowadays come with some kind of info backup software.

There are two standard kinds of sizes will it comes to external hard drives. The smaller size being 2.5 inch drives regularly called compact drives. The bigger size, employ a 3.5 inch surrounding. Different makers will offer different casings for the models. While USB is common, it isn't surprising to find FireWire connections, or SATA connections with external drives. It is important for the consumer to be aware of what the link wants are for any external drive they may purchase. If the external drive you choose happens to have FireWire connections, the your computer will also need FireWire connections.

Generally, the users of external drives fall into one of 2 camps. Those that attached external drive permanently to one machine, and those that move their external drives from one machine to another. The permanently attached drives, are often used in a RAID configuration. If you're planning on using an external drive for failover purposes, you wish to make sure that the required software is included with your external drive. Not all external drives include software for RAID implementations.

Eventually, you should never purchase a used hard drive. Hard drive life is usually rated around 7 years, but this is reduced considerably when you purchase used drives, as you can't be sure whether the previous owner ran it in a too-hot Or physically aggressive environment, and the quantity of money you can pay to get a new drive as opposed to an old drive is not really that much considering the improved reliability of new backup external disc drives. Do you have any other tips for choosing an external disc drive for information backup? Post in our comments section below. - 30430

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Online File Storage For Backup

By Jean Reynish

Online file storage is a necessity for any business or home. There are many situations that could require data backup, and it is something that you want to do before any disasters strike. These online options are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the alternative of losing all your data.

Some people mistakenly believe there is nothing on their computer that they would care to back up. However, what about your private emails, financial records, pictures and music that you have paid for? This can be emotionally and financially draining to replace, if you can even replace them at all.

You never know when your computer will crash, and there are so many things that you have no control over that it makes sense to have online file storage as a backup. Even if you are taking precautions, something can take you by surprise.

Even if you never go online, your computer can still have problems that make back up a smart option. Your hard drive can crash, and even if you try to recover the data, this could leave you with corrupted files and further troubles to worry about.

If you are still unconvinced that these things can happen to you, then consider this. What would you do if your computer was stolen? You can access all your files online, but only if you have gone with an online file storage company before the event.

If your son or daughter plays games online, or if you spend the majority of your day online, then you will be surprised to know just how easy it is to catch a virus. Many times you will not even know about it before it is too late. The problem becomes pricy to fix, but you can easily save money and stress with online file storage before there is ever a problem.

Online file storage gives you immediate access to your files, no matter your location. At home or at the office, you can find the spreadsheet or picture you wanted to share with others. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you can store all your files in one place.

For businesses, this is a great way to share documents. After you have given everyone access to the online file storage site, you can then open up the document simultaneously. You do not need to send it out over email like you had to in the past. With online file storage, you can save all your files and streamline the process for everyone involved. - 30430

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Avoid Cable Bill With Satelite TV On PC

By George Harkins

You can forget about cable bills with Satelite TV on PC according to those who promote and sell the software that allows you to view satellite television on your personal computer. Technology seems to know no bounds in this world where your computer is your way to touch and be touched by the world.

Years ago my friend in the dessert had a satellite dish that had to be adjusted if someone pressed the wrong button on the remote control. He would have to go outside and move the satellited dish back into the right position.

But if you can get satellite TV on your personal computer well you certainly not have that problem. And with satellite TV you can receive many more stations that your local cable company does not provide. You can watch news, movies, programs, and sports from the world over.

You can receive receptions from many foreign countries. You can hear news and how it is reported by other countries. It is also interesting to hear morning talks shows from other countries. They actually copy the format from this country. You will see the almost same format but in a different language.

Some of the companies claim you will get reception from more than 65 countries. And this also means music stations, and premium movie channels, and as mentioned channels of sports from around the world. The world truly shrinks day after day when you can see television from all over this world with your connection to a satellite feed.

You will hear the news differently from how you might be used to hearing it. The rest of the world has its own slant on the news and you will be able to hear this on the satellite connection. You can compare their news view with how you are used to hearing it. As you know a satellite dish installation can be very expensive. And the satellite on your property is less than beautiful.

In addition you will have to have a satellite provider which is yet an additional monthly expense. You will need a system of maintenance in place. If you live in an area with a lot of wind you will have to fix any damage to your dish. If you can receive satellite on your personal computer you will not have any maintenance issues.

And no satellite provider to pay for your service. Most companies that offer this software say that the software works on any PC. And they say there is nothing illegal about using this software. Recently there was an article saying that cable bills are going to go up. It seems the broadcasters want a bigger share of the cable company revenue.

The cable company wants to keep their profit base, no surprise here, so they will pass the bill to their customer base. So the cable users will pay the broadcasters who are demanding more money. And when they in a few years want more money from the cable company the cable people will again raise rates. You can avoid this game if you can get satellite TV on your personal computer. - 30430

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What Is the Best Way to Block Adware?

By Graham McKenzie

Have you ever surfed the net only to be asked all of a sudden if you would like to bet $100 on your local football team? Or had your use of a website blocked by an ad for $200 blender? If you have, you know what it is like when your PC is infected with adware. Adware is annoying, and worse, it can be a portent of bigger issues to come, like spyware that emails your bank numbers, passwords, and ID you know not where, or viruses that might demolish your hard drive at any moment. Even if you avoid the very worst adware and spyware infections, they can slow down performance so that you could watch a movie online before your next hand of Solitaire loads.

Most PC users try block 100% of adware downloads, and employ software to purge it from their hard drives. There is no shortage of software that will blast every trace of adware infecting your computer from your hard drive and disk drives, too, but which ones are the best? Which programs make sure that you never have to deal with adware again? These are important questions to ask and hard questions to answer.

Adware prevention programs have to accomplish three basic things. First, any program that effectively blocks adware from your computer must be up to date on every definition of every adware program circulating on the Internet. The program must give you with regularly updated libraries of definitions of malicious code. What is the meaning of a "regular" update? If your adware prevention protection program is a week or two behind the adware programs released to the World Wide Web, then it is not going to do you very much good.

Secondly, effective adware blockers need to work without a prompt from you. They should scan your hard drive on a regular schedule even if you do not click on a "scan now" button. The program has to run 24/7/365. It has to scan every file you download, every email you open, and have information on every site you visit.

Third and finally, effective adware programs should be integrated with your web browser. This is the only way these programs can protect you in real time. Their list of questionable sites has to be updated constantly. You want a program that will protect you from adware before it ever strikes your PC.

It is not as difficult as one might think to keep adware off your computer. Purchase an adware prevention program that keeps its definitions up to the minute, stops you from landing on problem websites, and checks any file that downloads into your computer. Purchase software that accurately analyzes your hard drive without your having click for a manual scan. With the most effective software, annoying popups that hinder your enjoyment of the World Wide Web and slow performance on your PC soon will become a distant memory. - 30430

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Spyware Anti Virus Software: What It Is, Why You Need It

By Graham McKenzie

Many people casually surf the Internet every day, never stopping to think about putting protection on their computer. Then one day they are chagrined to see that their PC has slowed down to a crawl, or even crashes. They wonder why this is happening. And the answer is likely to be spyware, a virus, or both.

There was a time several years ago when PC users only had to concern themselves with buying and maintaining anti-virus programs. There were hackers who wanted to maim PCs with a virus, but, at first, nobody would try to kill your PC with a worm or phish for your confidential data with a Trojan horse. It was enough to buy a single anti-virus program, and as long as the computer user made sure to download updates, they knew they were protected.

Nowadays it isn't as simple. There are thousands or even tens of thousands of malicious hackers out there trying to harm your computer with spyware and aware. Some people want to put their products in your face whether you want them or not. Others impose their antics on you in ways you would never expect.

But the fact is, there is something you can do about it. Everybody needs spyware antivirus software. This need is so critical that almost all antivirus programs now come with a spyware detection function.

Why Spyware Anti-virus Software Is Critical on Your Computer

The overwhelming majority of computer users don't give spyware a second thought because it is not something you see when you use your computer. Spyware is a sneaky download that infects your computer while you are performing innocent tasks.

The problem is that the people who write spyware and send it out over the net don't care how much they harm your computer. And if you clean it out, it often comes back in just hours or days. There are reliable statistics that indicate over 95% of all the computers in the world host spyware, and that spyware has become more common than viruses.

That's why, to preserve the performance of your computer, you simply must install spyware anti-virus software. This ensures that you will protect your computer as best you can for the duration of its life.

How Does Your PC Get Spyware?

There are several ways spyware infects your PC. And brand name companies are among the most insidious offenders. Often a software company will incorporate spyware into a software package to keep track of how you use their product. Although this information serves no insidious purpose, the existence of the spyware can make your computer run slow. Usually the user agreement informs you of the spyware somewhere in the fine print, but how many of us really read the agreement?

There's just no way you can ever be sure you have removed all spyware from your computer, but using two spyware anti-virus software programs at once comes very close. Read reviews on most spyware anti-virus software programs by doing a Google search. - 30430

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Is Your Computer Running Slow Because of Unneeded Applications That Use Your Computer's Memory Up?

By Kim Wilmont

If you are like a lot of people and work out of your home office it's difficult to meet important deadlines when our personal computer does not stay up with our chaotic work schedule. Also it is very annoying when they are so sluggish that they nearly die whenever we apply certain data demanding programs requiring a lot of memory capacity or RAM.

There can be a number of reasons for your "computer running slow" problem. And it's in distinguishing these causes that we may well discover actual repairs - even the easy repairs we may do on our own. And saving money on computer repair is important to all of us.

Also the brand new personal computer may be working too slow, especially if the manufacturer of the Computer installed before you received it some unneeded applications prior to your buying it. What you need to do is to start up your PC and look at the task bar's notification area (this would usually be in the bottom right corner, but depends on how you have your task-bars arranged). There are a number of icons hidden in the task-bar that actually is running in the background when you are doing your work. This means that it may well use up much of the free storage capacity from your PC, making it perform much slower when multiple applications are being used.

To be completely certain, right-click on the task-bar and also then select "task manager" and the Windows Task Manager should pop-up. You can even access this by mashing the shortcut "control-alt-delete" while the computer is running but be careful and simply push the shortcut just once or your PC will reboot. From here you will see just how many applications operate in the background (including the number of memory storage capacity they use). Also, simply shut down unnecessary programs by highlighting the single program and then clicking on End Task.

Of course there are additional causes for a "computer running slow" but doing this will most certainly help your personal computer work quicker than before. - 30430

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Why The Console System Is Here To Stay

By Scott Johnson

Video game systems are definitely still the king when it comes to playing video games. The PC, although powerful, is not the preferred method to play video games. Why is this? The answer is quite simple. A v ideo game console is faster, has controllers, and special networking features to make it easier than ever to jump into a game via the internet with another player.

An important reason that games are better on a console than a PC is that it is easier to play with another person on a console versus a PC. The reason for this is that a video console system plugs directly into your TV, which is usually bigger than a small PC monitor, which makes for easy playing with another person in the comfort of your own living room.

The third and biggest reason why consoles do so well is that the game selection is much better for console systems. Lets take the PS3 for example. In 2009, the game of the year was Uncharted 2 Drake's Fortune. This game alone sums up why the console market is better than the PC. This game is amazing! The story telling was unmatched by any game, not to mention the graphics and music were stunning. The multiplayer is also hands down one of the best experiences out there as far as modern video games go.

The Xbox360 is also a great candidate with some amazing games like the HALO series as well as games like Assassins Creed 2. These games have amazing visuals with super high frame rates that cannot be matched with a PC system.

While the PS4 is not even scheduled to be out until 2012, the gaming world relies heavily on companies like Sony and Microsoft to produce the world's greatest console's and games. The PC status is declining as more and more gamers are turnimg to the consoles. - 30430

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How to Uninstall a Program Which Won't Uninstall

By Dana Goldberg

You probably have programs on your computer that are unwilling to budge even after you have tried to uninstall them. When you have uninstalled a program on your PC and it still shows up on your install list that means that there are remnants of the program left behind on your computer. These can become malice to your computer over time, so completely remove them with uninstaller software.

We can take a look at this problem a little further. If you frequently utilize trial version programs, for instance, and once your trial period is over and you decide you do not want to buy the product so you simply go and uninstall the program. The thing is the program will not entirely uninstall. It will leave crumbs behind to weigh down your computer.

When you uninstall the program from your computer it may decide that it has found a new home and does not want to leave! It will remain on your installed programs list even after you've confirmed you want them deleted.

Uninstaller software can help you remove these programs that you do not want entirely, without leaving any crumbs behind. When you clean up your computer in this manner it will help it live longer, without inconvenient crashes or slow downs. This downloadable software will do a number of things for your computer: it will get rid of unwanted programs entirely, it will also check your hard drive for fragmented programs and clean them up, even the most stubborn program will not be left behind.

This type of removal software will completely remove unwanted programs from your computer without leaving a trace behind. This will safeguard your computer and give it a longer lifetime. Here is what uninstaller software will do for your computer: with a simple click remove all improperly installed programs, it will scan your entire hard drive for unwanted installs, even stubborn programs do not stand a chance against an up to date uninstaller program.

The solution to all of the left overs from various programs is uninstaller software. You can easily download this kind of software from the internet. You can do this with a few simple clicks, which can give your computer a better and more effective run. - 30430

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Overclocking CPU For Extreme Computer Performance

By Dana Goldberg

A CPU overclock is a way to add more performance out of your computer without the cost of an expensive upgrade. Overclocking your processor and memory can boost your gaming performance if you are a gamer. It can also add a significant number to your overall windows score and even help with different desktop tasks.

Every processor and ram chipset out there has the ability to be clocked every just by a few digits. You can go into your BIOS when your computer boots up and change it in there. Be careful not to mess around too much in there and make sure you save your changes. Sometimes you may find that it doesn't work when you reboot your computer but that is ok because if you restart and go back in the Bios system you will be able to change it back to the original settings or just turn it down a little bit. Again remember to change it back when you are done.

Sometimes people wonder whether or not it is going to work and going to loose the hardware. This is however uncommon. The only activity that you might is is a blue crash screen or the computer freeze up and you need to reboot.

That will happen before any real problems will occur. You will really just see serious damage if you crank the clock and the processor cant handle the high volts that will be running. This is going to just cause it to over heat. If you have a new computer that is highly unlikely. But it is still serious so you need to test the clocking before you walk away to avoid damage.

Old processors don't usually have a heat sensor that will shut the computer down should something happen and it start to overheat. The only way it might happen is if your heat sync wasn't put on properly. This is the only real reason this failure will happen.

If you don't know what you are doing. Or, if you are unsure then please leave it to the pro's. They are the ones that truly know what they are looking for when it comes to a issue that might arise during a over clocking stage. - 30430

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What a Video Flight Simulator Can Do For You

By Dana Goldberg

Technology has come a long way and more and more people are enjoying the experience of flying in the virtual world through the use of PC flight simulator software. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for advice on the best flight simulation software.

The market has many providers of such computer software so it can be very confusing to sift through them all for the best product. The products vary on the extra details of creating a realistic experience for the gamer, so do a little research on the individual features of the game.

One of these features is the amount of detail there is in the imaging of the surrounding environment as that greatly improves your gaming experience. The use interface on most of the games these days are very interactive and simple to use.

Another thing you should search for in the software is the virtual reality function. This allows you to fly under many different as in real flying such as changing landscapes and weather.

The best PC simulator games also allow you to experience your flight in real time. Virtual flight mode adds to creating a much more realistic setting for your flying adventure.

A lot of the PC simulation software allows you to pick different aircrafts to vary your experience in the world of flying. It is most difficult for you to choose the best simulator game if you are new to the aircraft gaming world, but with a little bit of research you should be able to find one that is right for you.

Those who already have the experience of being pilots virtually will be looking for the extra graphics that the best software will provide. There are games available that feature all aspects of flying from the runway to the graphs and analysis of the climatic conditions outside your virtual aircraft. - 30430

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Should You Go With PCs?

By Gregory Smith

When it comes to PCs, there has been a lot of discussion about their individual merits. With so many different models and brands on the market, choosing a computer can be a tough decision. Finding the right machine for an average computer user, though, doesn't have to be that hard.

The first thing you have to think about is your budget. It doesn't matter if you're buying a single computer or outfitting the whole company, this is an important step. Some PCs may be extremely affordable but don't have the power you need. Or there are computers that offer a great image, but charge for features you'll never use.

A lot of users pay a lot just to have the brand name on their computer. They only need a computer for simple tasks, but think it is important to have that popular brand name. That can end up costing a lot of money. The best thing you can do for yourself is shop for PCs that will fill your actual needs.

PCs allow you to compartmentalize your purchasing and get the exact system you need. You don't have to buy your computer in a complete setup. You can simply purchase the parts you need when you need them. And that means you can also upgrade the parts as necessary instead of buying a whole new system.

Some people are looking for gaming PCs that have cutting edge graphics. Others are interested in multimedia applications to edit video or music. Are you sure your choice in computers can handle it? What if you just want something for word processing and browsing? Keep your actual needs in mind when you shop for PCs and things will be much better for you.

Gaming PCs have been designed to deliver the smoothest experience possible, with a lot of processing power dedicated to rendering the graphics. The graphics cards must, of course, be top of the line. Sound systems are also nice, and can accentuate the whole gaming experience. As games continue to push the boundaries, you will need to have an easily upgradable computer that can keep up.

Multimedia applications can also require a lot of processing power, but in this case the sound system will be more than just an added benefit. It has to be able to run all the most recent programs and applications. Casual users, however, can save a lot of money by skipping on all those features and just getting the bare essentials.

PCs continue to advance every year, and features that were unbelievable one year are now very common. Just make sure to base your choice on actual needs and you will get the machine you need at a price you will like. - 30430

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