How Do I Know Which Pc Desktop I Should Choose For Gaming?

By Andrew Johnson

Do you want to buy a new pc desktop for your gaming needs? Do you want to play the very best games that are made today? If you do, then you should certainly look into a computer that comes with the best components to make sure you have one of the best gaming experiences available. There is a wide variety of computer parts that can increase the performance of your computer for games, but there are a few components that are essential to creating a high quality gaming experience. Here is a list of the most important parts of any gaming computer.

When you are searching for your gaming computer, the first aspect you should look into when analyzing a computer is the processor speed. To have the best gaming experience possible, you want to ensure the processor is as fast as possible. A fast processor will give a solid base for the rest of your computer system. The processor speed is what depicts the load speeds of various applications on your computer. The processor can also affect your display. A fast processor will ensure your computer always runs fast, even in the most intensive portions of any advanced game.

Another very important part of any gaming system is the type of RAM you have in your computer. When you have lots of RAM in your computer, there is no application you cannot use with your computer. If you have a computer that lacks in power from its RAM, then you may face choppy graphics for advanced gaming. When you have tons of RAM in your computer, even the most advanced scenes in the best games won't max out your computer's system. If you want just enough RAM for your computer, then 2 GB should be sufficient for most gaming applications. If you want to blow yourself away with your graphics, then you should not go with any computer that comes with less than 4 GB of RAM. This ensures that your computer can handle even the most advanced games available today, and even the most advanced games released in the future.

The most important part to your gaming experience is the type of graphics card installed in your computer. When you have a good graphics card installed, your gaming becomes seamless and flawless. Good graphics cards are responsible for giving the silky smooth display you see on the high end computers produced today. If you are an intensive gamer, then make sure you have one of the best graphics cards produced to get the most from your games.

If you want to spend the extra cash, you can even invest in a computer that has two graphics cards. This will enhance your graphics even further to give you the best possible gaming experience available with today's technology.

When you go to purchase your new pc desktop, make sure you have a very fast processor installed. The next most important part of your computer is the RAM, so make sure there is a lot installed to handle all of your gaming needs, even for games created in the future. Next, check to make sure the graphics card included is one of the best available. When you have the best graphics card for your computer, you will create the greatest gaming experiences possible provided by today's computer market.

The best graphics cards are generally only installed in computers with fast processors and large amounts of RAM though, so you can use these factors to guide you to the best graphics cards. - 30430

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Discovering A Little More About Spyware Removal To Protect Your Family

By Susan Reynolds

With computers and the internet being a huge part of our lives, there are plenty of things that you can gain from it. There are also plenty of nasty things that the internet can bring such as viruses and spyware. If you get spyware on your computer there are lots of things that can happen. People can steal your personal information easily with spyware and spy on all the activities that you do online. This is why you need to get top spyware removal.

Not many people know that importance of spyware removal. You will find that there are a load of people out there who do not know what spy ware software or what spyware is. This is a shame, as there is just so much information on the internet about this type of danger that our children and our computers are exposed to everyday.

You have to find the top antivirus software with built in spyware removal so that you do not become a victim of identity theft. When you clean out your system you will have to perform different kinds of spyware removal to ensure that your computer is totally free of viruses, malware, and spyware.

This, of course, means that you have to find these things out for yourself. You have to learn about computers if you are going to protect your family from the virtual baddies out there. The first thing that you will want to teach yourself about is spy ware.

These things are created in order to get information, the likes of which will be used to steal your identity. The creator of the software will then take that info and pretend to be you, in order to gain access to your bank account and other private places you surf on the internet.

You need to know that there are spyware viruses that will enter your PC and gather information from your internet history, so that they can find out where you have been on the internet and gather all of your personal information like bank details and other sorts of valuable things.

For spyware, you will find that a normal antivirus program will not work; you do need a special program called anti spyware in order to keep your information safe, so that you can browse with absolute piece of mind. - 30430

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How Do You Find The Most Appropriate Computers?

By Gregory Smith

Every year computers advance a little further and offer a few more features that make them more convenient. It can be tough to keep up with those updates, sometimes, and it can seem like even though you were on the cutting edge of technology a few days ago, now you are dragging behind the crowd.

There are different types of computers and different levels of processing ability, so how do you know which is right for you? How can you be sure that the current market trends aren't going to leave you behind?

There are three basic models of computers on the market today, including: netbooks, laptops, and desktops. There are some benefits to each of these models, though not every computer is right for every user. If you keep track of the developments in the industry, though, you will find the computer that is appropriate for you.

Netbook computers are a new addition to the industry. Just a few years ago you never would have heard of them. They are really popular right now because of their portability. They are small, lightweight, and surprisingly affordable. Unfortunately, their size can make it hard to use their keyboards and monitors, and they tend to be comparatively underpowered.

The more traditional laptops are currently the most popular computers on the market. Both home and business users are buying these computers in high volumes. With prices continually dropping, it is now easier than ever to get great deals on powerful computers. However, they remain more expensive than the other computers that are available.

Desktop computers can give you the most power at the lowest price. You can also buy these computers one component at a time, which means you can build the exact system you want. Find the keyboards, monitors, and processors that you need and then put them together in one sleek machine. Once all these components are in place, you won't have to worry about upgrading for some time. Unfortunately, these computers were never meant to be portable, and you are pretty much stuck in one place.

There are still a lot of other things you need to take into account. Be sure you get the right graphics cards and plenty of memory to handle the programs you intend to run. It is also important that your operating system is up to date and is one you are familiar with. As your needs change and the industry evolves, it will be really important to understand all these features.

Sometimes it is really hard to keep up with an industry that can change so quickly. If you are in the market for a computer, though, it is very important that you make every effort. Understand what is available and how they are developing could affect how you view your options. - 30430

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How To Find One Of The Best Deals On Electronics

By John Cooper

When it's time to buy a new computer, or any other electronic gadget, we all know that finding the best deal can be a daunting task.

With the huge variety of options on the electronics market today, and every company trying to come up with the best package deal for the money that includes the latest computer product or gadget along with several of their most popular accessories, it's very easy to be stunned when trying to make the best choice.

This confusion can lead to poor decisions and can cause you to wind up with an outdated model or overpriced, unreliable accessories that either malfunction right away or are simply more trouble than they are worth.

But don't despair! The good news is that there are actually just a few deals out there that truly offer the best value for the money, so it's really just as simple as knowing where to look for them! Instead of wasting your precious time trying to find the best deals on your own, let us bring them to you right now.

At Shop for Computer Online, we have done all of the legwork for you, and have created a comprehensive online resource that brings all of the hottest deals on the best computer and consumer electronics brands to one convenient location!

At Shop for Computer Online we have located the best products and prices to bring you the absolute best deals for any budget.

You can search by brand name or product type and we take the guesswork out of buying electronics so you never have to worry that you could be missing out on the best deals.

Whether you are looking for a desktop computer, notebook, printer, monitor, GPS system, PC game or practically any other electronic gadget, rest assured that we can help you find exactly what you want.

So don't get fooled into spending more on some so-called "great package deal" for your next computer or other electronic needs. Visit Shop for Computer Online first and save! - 30430

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Flash Memory Is A The Best Data Storage Device Available

By Miles Stoppard

There are many different ways to store data that is used on a computer. Since the beginning of computers many different devices have been developed that have increased the storage ability and decreased the size of the storage device. The most recent storage device for computer data is known as a Flash memory.

The decade of the 70's was a big period for computers. It is when they really started to become popular. There were top of the line systems being developed that had new abilities. One such machine was the Digital PDP1170. This $200,000 machine had a 100Mb internal memory and 20MB of storage on 9 track reel to reel tapes. It was a common problem for the tapes to break.

In time these tapes were replaced by floppy disks that were designed to hold storage in a smaller space. The original floppy's were 8 inch floppy's and held 1. 5 megabytes of information. In the 1975 a 5 inch floppy was designed but it only held 110k bytes of data. By 1978 this increased to 360k bytes. By 1984 progress had pushed the limit of storage up to 1MB on a 3 ? "floppy.

It is obvious to see by this information how the increased amount of storage on smaller devices evolved. CD's replaced floppy's eventually and were another step toward smaller storage devices with more capabilities. The amount of data a CD can handle depends on how it is formatted. A CD when properly formatted can handle up to 650 megabytes. This meant that a CD could hold the same as 650 small floppy's.

The importance for improved portable storage devices for computer data has continued to evolve. CD's and DVD's replaced floppy's and made zip drives basically obsolete. There are now CD's and DVD's that have the ability to be rewritten. Meaning that not only can they store data but unlike original CD's the data can be written over top of the original data. Original CD's were write only which meant that once they had data on them that was all they could ever have on them.

DVD's have the storage capability of as much as 8 GB's. While these versions of DVD's contain the ability to store more than standard DVD's they use technology that provides an additional layer of storage than standard DVD's. This extra layer utilizes new technology that could improve the ability of DVD's in the future. DVD's now have the ability to store more data than 6,000 floppys.

These are all indications of the future abilities of data storage. Flash memory drives provide the greatest amount of portable storage available. They do it in a much smaller unit than CD's and DVD's. They are a perfect example of creating more storage capabilities in a smaller device. Flash memory has the ability to handle up to 256 GB's. This is equal to 40 DVD's, 400 CD's, or 256,000 floppy's.

Flash drives stores huge amounts of data and can be loaded in a very short period of time. They are also very easily carried around since they are the size of a lighter. Flash memory is a perfect example of things to come. There is technology that exists now that makes it possible to store 1 trillion Bytes of data on a stamp sized device. - 30430

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Spyware Removal - Protecting Your Privacy

By Susan Reynolds

Without you even knowing it, your computer might be infected with spyware at this very moment. A recent study done by a large online research company concluded that 89% of computers on the Internet are infected by this malicious type of software. Spyware removal is therefore not something you can leave for another day.

Most of the time spyware is installed on a person's computer without his knowledge or consent. Many of them are relatively harmless and are therefore called 'adware' rather than 'spyware'. Their sole purpose is to collect information about your surfing habits and then display advertisements to you - either by changing your browser's home page, or by using pop-ups.

You might also notice all sorts of popups appearing inexplicably on your screen from time to time. These are mostly caused by spyware or adware. Many of them will display an alternative page when you try to buy something online.

You're a prime target to get infected with one of these if you regularly bring a visit to porn sites, sites where you can play online games, peer to peer download sites and 'crack' sites. Free downloads that are the most likely to be affected by spyware are screen savers, 'smileys' and wallpapers.

Something that you might now know, is that many times spyware will be installed on your PC or laptop with you unknowingly giving your consent. Somewhere in the small print you give permission to many online email services to read your emails and then show you advertisements related to the content of those emails.

Keystroke loggers are much more malicious examples of spyware. What they do is to record every single stroke of your keyboard. That information is stored in a file, which are then sent to the owner of the software regularly. As you will understand, this is an extreme security risk. If you do online banking or store any confidential information on your computer, a keystroke logger can send any of that information to someone who wants to use it against you.

Ordinary anti-virus tools do not pick up the majority of spyware and adware. This is because they work differently from the normal computer virus and often embed themselves in the computer's operating system. To remove spyware from your computer, do a search on Google for spyware removal tools. There are many programs you can download for free - beware, however, that the "spyware removal tool" is not actually a spyware installation tool. A good one that we have tested is Advanced System Care.

Your first step is to shut down your Internet connection and close your browser. Then scan the computer. If the software picks up adware or spyware, it will first ask before removing it. Unless you don't want a specific program removed at any cost, hit the 'Yes' button to clean up your computer.

Spyware removal is not something you should do one a year, or even once a month. If you knew how many websites were trying to install spyware or aware on your computer during a normal day's web surfing, you would actually do it on a daily basis. Once a week is the absolute minimum. - 30430

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Pros And Cons Of Personal Computer Desktops And Notebooks For Students

By Andrew Johnson

When heading off to college, it is important to consider whether you will need our own personal computer with you. For most courses this will be the case, as it is far more convenient to use your own than one provided by the college in the library or elsewhere. Before you decide upon which to get you may want to consider the benefits of each one. So pc desktops or laptops?

First of all, lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting a laptop computer. Well, they are portable. This is most probably their main draw for students who are constantly mobile and on the move. You can quite easily pick it up and get on the move, taking it into lectures, to the library, to a friends place. Its also makes it very easy to just pack up your laptop again and take it home during break.

Another big plus is that laptops can be used in class. You can quite easily take it along to any lectures you have and type up notes at you listen. For quick typists this is a far better solution that writing things out by hand. Additionally, with widespread wireless internet, using a laptop has become ever more convenient, enabling you to browse the web at your leisure wherever you are. Finally, they do tend to take up less space, which is a plus for a student with a small and cramped room.

How about desktops then? First of all, they are cheaper and offer you more value for money when it comes to what you get from their performance. They will also be a lot more reliable and if you were to spill a drink on your keyboard that would simply involve the purchase of a new keyboard and not potentially a whole new laptop.

In terms of performance they are also better value and you will get a more powerful specification across the board on most occasions. Depending on what you want from them they are also better for gamers who wish to enjoy video games on them as they have faster and more powerful video and graphics cards. They are also harder to steal for any potential thief.

Finally, desktops are more ergonomically correct for their users. They are better for your posture, for you eyes and your hands and for students spending a lot of time sat at their desks fiddling with their pc's this is an important factor. - 30430

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A Quick Look At Error Nuker

By Jay Lenning

Computers have played such pivotal role in our ultra modern lives. These very helpful gadgets are very integral in our every day lives.

We have become so reliant in computers that we need them to finish different tasks we have whether they be very simple or awfully complicated. This is why we are very annoyed when something happens to our computers.

When our computers start slowing down, it is usually a sign that our registry is not in tip top shape. Our computers' registries are the parts of our computer that store information that is vital for its operations. This information includes our system's settings and hardware information.

However, as we keep on using our computers, our registries start to get errors. These errors make our computers work slower. But this dilemma is quite easy to solve. If computer viruses are killed instantly by an anti-spyware program, a disarrayed registry can easily be sorted out by a registry cleaner.

There are plenty of registry cleaners but the one that I have just tried is named the Error Nuker. What I liked about the Error Nuker right off the bat was its very simple interface. It still looked very put together but it's completely easy to use which makes it perfect for those who aren't that good with the computer.

I immediately put the Error Nuker into the ultimate test. I allowed it to scan my registry and I waited until it finished. I noticed that it took a couple of seconds longer to finish than the other registry cleaners which I have tried but I was impressed with the very comprehensive nature of the scan.

Lastly, for a registry cleaner to pass my standards, it always has to make back ups of my registry before it starts cleaning everything up. For me, this is very important as this allows me to restore my registry if ever things don't work out so well.

The Error Nuker had such feature. - 30430

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Flight Simulator Downloads - Get Free Stuff

By Dana Goldberg

Have you given any thought to where and how you can get downloads for your flight simulator software for free? In reality, this is not a hard thing to do. With the use of a search engine and a little research you can easily find hundreds of free flight simulator downloads that meet the needs that you might have.

The main reason why most gamers are looking for access to these types of downloads is for entertainment and personal enjoyment. Have you ever wondered about the actual benefits these downloads might have though? Those addons and downloads can help you enhance your knowledge of aircraft.

Usually, flight simulator downloads give you access to features like changing the aircraft to your preference, changing the weather conditions and even changing the environment around you.

Maybe you are actually looking for a download that you can use to attach other things to the simulator through. You can add things such as navigation or keyboard controls, switches, pedals and joysticks if you like.

There are so many free downloads out there that you should never have any problems bringing your experience to an entirely new level whenever you want. Software providers are usually the ones that offer these free downloads through their sites or their referrals sites either one.

They might ask you to sign up for membership or maybe join a certain group so you can gain access to the free versions of the downloads as well. This isn't all that bad though since signing up can often provide you with information about updates and new software releases. You might even get lucky and be offered a free course as a part of a promotion.

Always be on the look out for the most up to date information dealing with the software you own. This helps you keep everything updated rather easily. Software providers that really appreciate their fan base will provide these things free of charge to you so look for one that is reliable and offers great customer support services. - 30430

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A Gaming Pc Is A Different Breed Of Visual Stimulation

By Andrew Johnson

For those that want to play MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role playing games) you need to find the right gaming pc. If this is going to be your first gaming computer then you need to know what to look for.

A computer that is designed for gaming is built differently that a regular computer. You can do the same tasks that you can on other computers, but if you are only surfing the web on a gaming computer, then you are seriously wasting resources.

Of course, you can always upgrade the computer you have now but there are several parts that will need to be swapped out. A gaming PC should be designed for maximum air flow through the case and its components. A quality video card is a necessity for decent game play. You want your shades of blacks to be distinguishable so that you can find the assassin that is hiding in the shadows.

The processor is a big focal point. If your processor cannot keep up then the game play will seem choppy and erratic. The game play is often fast and you need to your PC to keep up with the action. A quad-core processor is the best that you can get and you should not have to deal with long load times and annoying choppiness.

Your RAM should be many and your hard drive should be spacious. Your game play and graphics are directly affected if you do not have enough memory. Try and stay in the range of 4G worth of RAM, if you just intend to play a game. If you want to Facebook with your friends, listen to music and run something else in the background, then you might want to start with 6G of RAM. A 500G hard drive is ample for your needs.

Do not forget your accessories. You will need joysticks, controllers and maybe even a steering wheel. You can buy accessories as you need them for the games but you will need some type of controller. Try to buy two or three, if you can. You never know when your friends will show up. It is important to make sure that your tower has plenty of ports that you can plug into.

There are many fancy towers out there. Some that light up and pulse along with your game play. And there are other cases that just look really cool and unique. But the outside case does not have anything to do with how your games will run, so make sure that you have anything that you want and need on the inside before you worry about outside appearances. - 30430

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How Can You Detect Adware Before it Gets on Your PC?

By Graham McKenzie

Did you ever open a website only to have half a dozen small windows? or sometimes full pages? pop up in front of you, trying to sell you everything from online dating services to the most embarrassing porn?

These incredibly annoying popups are powered by Adware, the odds and ends of software that malicious websites will download into your computer through the web browser's cache of cookies and old files. Most of the time Adware does not cause any long-term damage to your computer, but it certainly can slow down your computer's performance and block your view of web pages over and over again.

That's why it's no small wonder many people look for an effective way to zap adware before ever even gets on their computer. And, luckily for all of us, there are lots of options to help us to just that.

Following a single simple rule will drastically reduce adware's ability to infect your PC. What's the rule? Stay away from questionable websites. There are websites that you have to avoid at all costs. These include sites with picture, video, or music downloads. The no-go list includes any site selling dating, gambling, pharmaceuticals, or porn. It is, moreover, an excellent idea to stay away from sites for online dating services. Most adware gets downloaded to your computer from these kinds of sites. Avoid these sites, and chances are you will avoid adware.

Once in a great while adware comes from other sites, but there are options that allow you to detect and prevent it, too. The latest versions of popular browsers all provide adware protection. You could get a red warning flag telling you that a web page you are about to visit could put your computer at risk. Enable these features in your browser, and you will protect your computer from problems before they ever start.

What is the very best way to block adware from your computer? Install a good version of anti-adware software. Anti-adware detects potential adware, and blocks or deletes it before it ever enters your cache.

Anti-adware remains on all the time. Usually you can find an icon for it in the taskbar at the lower right hand of your computer screen. Each time you open a web page, open an email, or download a file, the program will scan the content of those files and warn you if there is any malicious content. Sometimes anti-adware will block downloads, and in the most severe cases it will quarantine files in the same that your anti-Virus software does.

With common sense and close attention for high-risk sites, and a good anti-adware program, it is easy to keep your computer safe from infectious files, unwanted popups, and annoying adware that slows you down and gets in your way. - 30430

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A Starter Guide To Pc Desktops And How They Function

By Andrew Johnson

The most revolutionary invention of the 21st century is the PC desktops. Since their introduction into society they have become a necessity for modern living, so much so that the government has set a goal to introduce a PC into every household within the next few years.

It's no good having all this processing power if you have no way to utilize it! That's where the operating system comes in. This piece of software allows the user to control the hardware to their desire.

Currently the two main operating systems available are Windows and Macintosh. Although they effectively do the same thing, they are used differently. Windows is tailored more for the family and business market, with its easy to use interface but capable of quickly and efficiently running many in house software created by business'.

Macintosh's however have become more tailored for the designer allowing various graphic design packages to run much quicker than a Windows counterpart.

The Desktop PC consists of a host of components. For a PC to run properly all of its components must be in full working order if any of them are corrupt the PC can stop working or run much slower, such is the complexity of their design. Most common problems lie with the hard drive this is the disk that all the data produced on or imported to the computer is stored. As this item is constantly being used by the system it endures a lot of wear this coupled with the fact it is of mechanical design gives rise to the reason for this being the most problematic area.

Other items a PC needs to run are a graphics card, RAM, power unit and of course the processor, without these the system will not run. There are many other additions that can be added to a PC they range from DVD-ROM drives to webcams. The most expensive item to replace within the PC is the processor, unbelievably to replace they can cost more than the complete system itself.

PC desktops vary greatly in price as the specifications of them can be very different. The cheaper systems you will find use older technology that has been modified to be as quick as possible this means that after a year or two instead of being able to replace one or two parts of the PC you may find you need to replace the majority of it. I would suggest buying at least a mid-range PC if you can as these will last for a good few years and then there is the option of upgrading them as well prolonging its life for a further year or two. - 30430

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Pointers For When Buying A Pc Desktop

By Andrew Johnson

Even if it is not your first time in buying a pc desktop for you or for someone else, and there still some out there that may be getting their first home computer, it is still nice to be able to have a little bit of a guide or advice when you are out shopping for one.

One of the first things you should probably look for when going out to purchase a pc desktop would be the processor. Even though there are still only two major ones to choose from, AMD and Intel, these days they offer so many varieties with so many different "layers", that it can be confusing on which one to get. There are several different categories that you should be aware of. For instance there is the outdated category which means that it is probably no longer manufactured and is only put in refurbished models or very low budget models. These computers would probably run very slow and may not even be able to run up to date software. The next category would be the budget processor can still be on the market or not, depends upon the model. These processors work pretty well if you are OK with an average running computer, this would be a good choice at a lower price. The middle end processor is probably the one that most people end up choosing. This processor pretty much will do all that a person requires and the price is right as well. If you are a person who wants top of the line of everything you would probably want the cream of the crop Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 to 975.

Another important thing you need to look at is the memory or RAM that you want on your pc desktop. Most computers now use what is called DDR3, the DDR2 will now just be found in your low budget computers. If you are wanting a smooth running computer, make sure that the RAM is at least 4GB.

The hard drive is an important part of your pc desktop for the storage size and for more speed. The larger the storage area the faster your computer is going to operate. These days, it seems that the most common size of hard drive is around 500GB, some others even go for more. But you'd be doing good at 500GB.

We now move onto the next thing you should look for in a pc desktop and that would be the optical drive (CD/DVD/Blue-Ray). Most systems have these, even the budget system. Just make sure that the DVD drive is capable of supporting both +R/RW and -R/RW. And the speed should be at least 16x for the one that records.

Video cards are an item that seems to change every few months. If you are not concerned so much with say, 3D graphics then it is probably OK to just go with one that has a good amount of memory and DirectX on board.

Now that you have decided which pc desktop model you are going to buy, it is very important that you buy a good monitor. A good monitor is going to help you enjoy your computer experience a lot more. Although the CRT type monitor is still being sold, most people are turning to LCD monitors. These monitors use less energy, are slim and sleek and the visual experience is far superior to that of a CRT. It is also important that the ratio is a 16:10 or 16:9, especially if you are an avid movie viewer.

The best advice of course to make sure that the pc desktop that you are getting fits your specific needs and not what is popular with others. After all, it is you that will be using it not anyone else. - 30430

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A Brief Review To The Insides Of Desktop Pcs

By Andrew Johnson

The desktop PC has come a long way in a short space of time. Currently there are two main operating systems used, these being either Windows or Macintosh, although there are more.

There are many components underneath the cover of the PC that enable it to do the things it does and all of them are feats of engineering genius in themselves. Such is the way that a PC works that replaces just one of them can improve speed and performance greatly.

The processor is the part of the PC that does the thinking, the brain if you will. As you would expect for a brain it doesn't come cheap, if you were looking to upgrade the processor in your system you will probably find it cheaper to replace the whole thing such is their individual expense. The thing you need to know about the processor is, is that is completes the tasks that you and the operating system set it for example 2 + 2=4. The difference between processors is the speed at which they can do these tasks. The faster the rate the processor operates the faster it can perform tasks and the more expensive it is.

The motherboard connects the processor to all the other components of the PC. You can think of it as the switchboard of the PC connecting calls between the different parts. The differences between motherboards is the number of connections it has i. E. How many things you can connect to it and the speed and number of calls it can transfer and connect.

The RAM is like the to-do list for the processor. The tasks are sent from the operating system and placed in the RAM until the processor gets to them. The more RAM you have the greater number of tasks the Processor can be asked to do at the same time.

The hard drive stores all the data that the PC needs. The data is referenced by the operating system so that is can easily access it when required. The cost of hard drives relies mostly on size but the speed at which the data can be retrieved from them is also a factor.

All desktop PCs now contain DVD drives. DVD drives have the ability to play most kinds of discs in and the operating systems have most of the software that is required to play them.

Some connections on a desktop PC are USB, DVI, Audio out and PS/2. The USB connections are useful for connecting detachable drives such as USB pens or webcams. DVI is a digital interface connection that can be used to connect up a monitor or TV. The audio out socket is the connection that leads to the speakers this is generally green on color coded machines. The PS/2 connections are used for a wired keyboard and mouse the keyboard is purple and the mouse is green.

Prices for desktop PCs start from around $350 and can exceed $5000. There is such a variety of specifications available for sale that the price you can pay really does depend on the specific needs that you have. - 30430

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How To Pick The Latest Desktop Pcs For Home Or Office

By Andrew Johnson

You may be aware that there have been big advancements in desktop PCs and home computing over the last five years. Now you can easily find computers that are more than twice as powerful as those sold just a few years ago.

For many people their budget is the prime factor when deciding on a particular model. There is a huge price range available. It is possible to pay as little as a few hundred dollars or pay upwards of two thousand dollars; you need to do thorough research so that you get the best machine in your price range. It makes good sense to already have an idea of how much you are willing to pay before you start shopping as otherwise it can become confusing to choose between the various options.

If you have a basic understanding of computer hardware then you may find it more economical to assemble a system yourself. This will allow you to put together a PC that has the qualities and performance you demand. For example some people will put more emphasis on having a fast processor or large capacity hard drive.

If you are only going to use the PC every few days to check your mail and surf the net then there is no need to choose an expensive option. A computer that doesn't have the latest hardware and applications should be more than adequate for your needs.

If you can afford to spend a few hundred more dollars then you can pick up a PC that has extra abilities. By paying around $600 you can buy a system that has greater memory, faster processor, and a DVD burner. Remember to check whether the price of the monitor is included in the cost.

The most expensive PCs will come with a dual core or quad core processor, as much as 4 GB Ram, and a hard drive that is at least 500 GB. A lot of new models also come with a Blu-Ray player for a perfect home cinema experience.

Before you spend your hard earned money you should have an idea of what type of PC you are after. It is important to think about how you will use the PC as different tasks require different specifications. If one of your motives is to have a modern gaming PC then pay close attention to the graphics card.

Another consideration is the Operating System. Gone are the days when we had very little choice on the OS we use. Today a lot of new PCs will come with the latest Windows 7 operating system. This is very reliable and responsive. - 30430

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How To Make Money Fast Online

By Adam Kwin

Can you actually make money online quickly? In short, yes. However there are so many websites out there that make outrageous promises and are only out to get your money and not offer any real advice. That being said let me tell you of a couple ways to make money free of charge.

3 websites to make money online.

1. Associated Content.

2. Cash Crate.

3. Forum booster.

Let's begin with associated content. Associated content should be the number one stop for those people who frequently ask themselves, how I could make money fast. Associated Content requires you to write content, which in other words for those who aren't familiar with the online language, content means articles.

Associated Content requires that you write articles for them. They will pay you anywhere from $3 to $40 for your content.

Most of the time however the bids that they place on your content are for much less than $10. However, this is still a great way to make money online if you can type several articles per day. You may be surprised to see how easy it has become to earn a part time income through writing for Associated Content.

Cash Crate is a great way to make some extra money. This company will pay you to take surveys, ranging from 1 - 100 dollars.

Sounds easy? Well it is easy. They will pay you because there are a lot of company's out there willing to shell out a ton of money just to get in depth info on what there audience wants and needs from there goods or services.

On the homepage of Cash Crate they have a daily survey that makes money. The survey pays a minimum of .80 cents. That may not seem like a lot but over a month that extra 30 bucks could take you to dinner or fill your gas tank.

If writing articles and taking surveys doesn't really sound like your kind of thing, there is always the alternative of Forum Booster.

Forum Booster is a company that pays you 6 cent per post for reading a replying to forum posts. I know your thinking what? their going to pay me to do something I already do for free! If you can post 60 times in a hr which is easy to do that's 6 bucks an hr.

It may not be minimum wage but you have the advantage of being in the comfort of your own home. You can be in your pajamas sipping coffee while working on posting on these forums. Each post should be a minimum of 12 words, which is not difficult to do at all.

Overall there are tons of ways to make money quickly online but these are just the tried and true and the best of the best. If these tips I've given aren't for you then check out my link at the bottom of this post to find out how to work a little harder then this for a BIG return. - 30430

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Create Gaming Pcs Without Breaking The Bank

By Andrew Johnson

So you've looked over gaming PCs and you're ready to build one of your own. With so many choices out there, and such different price ranges for equipment, you can feel a little lost in the computer hardware shuffle. Don't despair, because we've got a little help for you!

Don't give up, though. You just have to break system requirements down into what you really need to buy so that your machine performs the way you want it to. We've tracked some great gaming components at inexpensive prices, that will let you enjoy even the most graphically intensive games available today.

You need only consider three components to build s great gaming PCs: the CPU, the GPU and the system RAMThere are some astoundingly powerful CPUs on the market today. They carry truly astounding price tags, too. Most of those high-end processors won't offer you the processing you need for gaming, though. At around $100 you can buy the Athlon II X4 620 by AMD and not have to worry if your CPU can handle your games. The Athlon II X4 620 provides fantastic game processing at a price that won't hurt your bank account. Higher end processors like the Intel Core i7 965 or the AMD Sempron 140 are more powerful, and cost more, but they don't handle gaming nearly as well.

Once you've found your CPU, it's time to pair it with a video card (GPU) that will handle your game's graphics. You can easily find GPUs that offer 2 GB of video RAM, but they don't really provide better performance. A GPU with only 896 MB of video RAM can handle just about any game you throw it beautifully. You can spend about $130 on the Nvidia GeForce GTS 250, or $160 on the AMD Radeon 5750, and render stunning gaming environments for relatively little out-of-pocket cost.

At this point, The system islikely to be the most expensive portion of gaming PCs. RAM prices are high right now, and it looks like they may stay that way. But you don't have crack open the piggy bank, either.

Your new gaming PC doesn't need the full 24 GB of system RAM that several newer computers support. In fact, that much RAM only offers a very slight increase in performance, and the massive cost doesn't make it worthwhile. You can purchase 4 GB of system RAM for much less and still enjoy hours of superb gaming. You will, however, have to invest in a 64-bit operating system like Windows XP x64 to utilize more 3. 5 GB of system RAM. Without a 64-bit OS, your system won't recognize the full spectrum of RAM available to it.

Finally, if online gaming is what you're looking for, you'll do fine with the Realtek Ethernet chipset included in your computer. Most gaming network cards cost a lot more and don't really improve your connection, so don't waste your money. Instead, invest in a good router and lightning-fast Internet service. - 30430

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Spyware Removal - Helping Your System To Function At Its Best

By Susan Reynolds

There are many different things out there that were created for the sole intent of harming a computer. Spyware was one of those. This is installed on a computer behind the scenes without the knowledge of consent of the owner of the computer. This spyware will then act on its programs and can be potentially harmful if left there. There are spyware removal programs out there to rid your system of these installs and keep it running how it should be.

If spyware is on your computer, a number of different things can happen all of them being harmful. Spyware has the ability to track what types of things are being done on the computer such as websites visited. On the websites that require logins and passwords, this spyware can store those passwords and then those passwords could fall into the wrong hands. Spyware can also rearrange the user panel and can ultimately cause a complete system shutdown.

Getting rid of spyware can be done in a few different ways. There are sites online that offer spyware removal. A few of these will even do it for free.

The legit sites will do a full system scan to find out where the spyware is and how much of it there is. Then these sites will perform the removal of all the spyware leaving your system free of spyware.

On these sites, spyware can be removed for free. All of these sites will first do a scan of your entire system to see if there is spyware and how much there is. After the scan is completed, some sites will remove this for no charge. The majority of these sites will charge you a fee to have the spyware removed.

After the spyware has been cleared from your system, you will need to install protections to make sure this does not keep coming back. Anti-spyware software works well for this. This software can be bought in any computer store. The prices will vary but the price will reflect what level of protection you will have. Cheaper software will be more basic protection while more expensive software will have more in depth coverage.

Spyware, when on a system, will cause some sort of damage to a computer. If left on your computer long enough, more damage will be done. There are spyware removal programs are out there to clean up your system and keep it running at its best. - 30430

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Advice On Buying Good Inexpensive Desktop Pcs

By Matthew Kerridge

Good cheap desktop pcs are to be found everywhere. By investing in a little research and reading the available information on the internet you are half way to finding the best cheap desktop pc whether you need it for your or personal use.

The sales are a great place to look for your inexpensive desktop pc. Both traditional computer stores and firms on the internet regularly have personal computer sales. You should always ensure that the company is reputable. The well-known, larger ones most likely are.

A helpful tip when you are looking for cheap desktop pcs is where you go looking for them. Large superstores often sell very cheap computers but the desktops tend to be very basic. Unsurprisingly the best place to go is the computer store. These are specialised and will offer the best prices for the quality of models of computer available.

Another good way to find a good inexpensive desktop pc is to look for package system. These are computers that have been assembled by people in the specialist computer stores. It helps to go there and ask for some advice. By explaining your needs and telling them of any limits with regard to price will inform them exactly what are looking for and this will usually mean you find a computer ideal for you.

Refurbished desktop pcs are a great way to buy a computer on a budget. They are usually decent machines at bargain prices. If you only want the computer to perform basic tasks such as sending and receiving email, word processing, using the internet and so on then a refurbished pc is sufficient. Due to the large amount of second hand desktop pcs, there is a large supply market and demand is fairly low in comparison. This makes them ideal to find a bargain.

When purchasing a second-hand or refurbished pc you need to make sure that the product is in good working order. Always ask why the computer is being offered for sale to make sure it is not faulty in any way and double check the t's and c's and warranty specifications.

To purchase an inexpensive desktop computer you need not avoid the brand names. The famous names such as HP, IBM and Dell manufacture so many desktops that they are in a position to sell certain types of machines, especially package systems, cheaply. They sometimes offer bespoke pcs which can be made exactly to your requirements (you simply choose your features that you want) and they also sell specific products aimed at the low-end pc market.

If you have sufficient knowledge of IT and desktop computers in particular you could always consider building the computer yourself. The parts, purchased separately are always cheaper than buying packaged system. - 30430

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Best Registry Cleaner Out There

By John Adams

The moment you start experiencing computer slowdown where it takes longer time to load any programs, and it also takes time for your internet browser to load web pages, and at the same time you are consistently encountering various error message popping out of your screen, then it is time for you to ask yourself how to my PC registry. These things are signs and symptoms of cluttered registry which you need to take serious consideration by doing something to clean it free from junk files in order to prevent more serious troubles to occur in the future.

1. Is the scan accurate and precise? How much time does it take to scan? 3. Is it able to repair the damages incurred without any issues at all? 4. Does it give you easy updates? 5. Does it provide excellent customer service? 6. Does it possess special features?

When all these questions are answered with a yes, then you have found the best registry cleaner software that suits your PC. Most applications found in the market today will just run a scan on the surface of the registry. The cleaner will still have to undergo a complete scan to detect each file before it is able to repair all crucial problems. The duration of time it takes to scan is not that important at all as long as it can detect all the files. However, you have to take this into consideration so that you will find the best registry cleaner software.

It is a must for the application to be able to fix every problem after doing the deep scan without causing any interference with other programs, like firewall and antivirus. Most of these applications fail in fixing all the problems because the antivirus and the firewall consider the cleaner a threat and would eventually block it.

Excellent customer service and, of course, regular updates are needed because these assure you that your program is able to do updates whenever a crucial problem occurs. You can then ask for assistance from a professional in dealing with this.

you aware of the need to perform some essential maintenance procedures like the way I clean my PC registry in order to keep my unit in excellent condition at all times. - 30430

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Advice On Buying An Excellent Desktop Pc

By Matthew Kerridge

Whatever you require a desktop pc for, it should work well for you. Remember that it is stationary and upgradeable. So, here a short guide is provided to help you buy a new desktop pc, whether you want to use it for gaming, Internet browsing or work.

There are two main types of operating system a desktop pc supports; PC and Apple Mac. Windows is a PC platform and is the most commonly used globally. However, because of its popularity it is more susceptible to viruses from hackers. Mac pcs are less susceptible to viruses but have less support from third party software suppliers. Be sure you understand the advantages and drawback of each system before decided on which to buy.

Next take a look at the processor speed. Most processors are made by Intel (Pentium) or AMD (Athlon). Be sure you purchase a pc with a modern processor as many software programmes do not run on the older versions anymore, which are a lot slower.

Many consumers of pc computers are confused about the motherboard. Don't be. It is a highly fundamental component of your desktop pc and normally should support audio, video and LAN ports. Additionally most pcs nowadays support USB 2. 0 ports, the traditional PS2 ports and gaming ports. Be sure to ask about this to ensure you get what you want. Both IDE and SATA types of hard disk should be supported. Depending on what you will be using your pc for you will need sufficient memory (RAM) to be supported by the motherboard as well.

Are you a download fanatic? Then you will need to make sure you have enough space on your desktop pc. Up-to-date software programmes also require more and more space and you will need enough RAM to run more than one application simultaneously. A personal computer with 2GB of memory (RAM) and up to 300GB of hard disk space is normally sufficient.

Ensure the optical drive has CD-RW and DVD-RW. This means you can read and write from and to both CD's and DVD's, especially important if you plan to take back-ups of your work or create video's.

The get the most out of your desktop pc, purchase a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor to go with it. The benefits of a LCD monitor include its size (takes up less space), the display and sharpness of images and the power it consumes. LCD monitors need only about half the power needed for a traditional monitor.

Maybe the most important thing is to check all the documentation of your desktop pc. Read the terms and conditions, the warranty and support manuals and make sure you understand them. Many pc companies will have a website where you can go with any additional questions you may have. - 30430

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Satisfaction In Reading Regcure Registry Cleaner Review

By John Adams

Proper maintenance and care of computer systems is logically a must for users. Unlike an ordinary appliance, computers need more than the occasional dusting and brushing. Computers need to be kept clean from within, that is to say, the operating system and the software.

So, why should you take the time to read PC registry cleaners reviews, which are based on much research that has been done over the internet and the market? It is because the application itself plays a very important role in the functioning of your PC. The program cleans and analyzes all errors and leftovers in your PC's registry entries completely. Once you are done fixing and scanning the files, you will be surprised to find your computer functioning like a brand new one. The computer's registry should be thoroughly cleaned because most PC's operating systems run on Windows and with this, the registry is considered the most important database of a Windows operating system. It detects and stores all programs, hardware configurations, and systems.

1. The computer is turned on, only to shut down slowly. 2. The operating system regularly reports errors. 3. The computer system "hangs" or freezes unexpectedly and the computer progressively performs slower. 4. A "Physical Memory Dump" or Blue Screen error always appears.

The good thing about registry cleaners is that they keep a record of all the repairs done by the user. Previous changes to the registry can be recovered easily if needed. By freeing the registry of unwanted errors and files, they optimize Windows performance to a high level. As important tools, cleaners play a crucial role in keeping the Windows operating system working at its peak.

Registry cleaners can also be customized to scan only the items that users want. Invalid or wrong entries in the registry can also be detected and removed to help optimize Windows performance. The cleaners can also defragment a computer system. All in all, registry cleaners are a cost-effective measure to maintain the optimal performance of any computer systems. A sluggish computer is never a good thing. With registry cleaners, there is no need for expensive maintenance checks and computer professionals. The best registry scanners online can help users make sense of their slow performing computers. And with affordable software like registry cleaners, computers no longer have to contend with inefficient performance. - 30430

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How To Clean Windows Registry - Windows Registry Cleaning Tips

By John Adams

Your registry has a crucial role in your computer because it stores very important files required by most programs to properly run; hence it is imperative that you should know how to clean Windows registry and perform this method on a regular basis in order to ensure that your system is always on top working condition. It is essential to know that every activity that you do on your unit is being recorded in this area of your system; such activities are installation of new software, running a program, and even minute changes like editing or simply using your mouse creates a file that records this activity and stored in this area.

Before making that decision, you should need to understand the importance of performing this task. This area of your computer plays an important role of being the storage room of all essential files; and at the same time, it also contains various useless files such as those left by programs which you have already uninstalled but they were not completely removed during the un-installation process. In many instances, they also contain unwanted data like a variety of recordings on every activity you did with your unit. Hence, the more you use your computer, the more it accumulates junk files. Therefore, one group of experts says that you need to regularly clean this area at least once every six months.

One of the important tips for you prior to initiating the clean up procedure is to back up your system. This is an essential aspect because anything can happen during the cleaning process; in the event that something wrong happens, you can just restore back your system to its previous configuration and condition where it was working properly.

On the other hand, the other group's answer to the question on how do you clean up the registry is a resounding "No, you do not need to clean this area." This is based on the risk involved in manipulating this area of your computer. For them, the benefit of slightly improving your computer is definitely not worth enough to bring your computer at higher risk of damaging your registry as a result of erroneous move to delete important files. Furthermore, according to them, there is still no legitimate testing of registry-cleaning tools to date that will prove its claim of greatly improving the performance of your system from the use of such programs.

Therefore, you need to have some degree of knowledge on the basic features which the best software should possess that will efficiently perform its intended purposes. It is essential to note that there are excellent products out there, as well as bad ones; hence, choose wisely when selecting the best program that will effectively fix corrupt registry. - 30430

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Basic Understanding of a Desktop PC

By Matthew Kerridge

Which is better, a laptop or desktop PC? That is a good question and depends on what the PC is primarily going to be used for. The laptop is compact and easy to maneuver, while a desktop is bulky and involves several pieces in order to function. Desktops are for stationary use, while a laptop can be stationary, but can also be mobile with ease.

The desktop PC is stationary and is set up in a specific location. It is used regularly and is known as a personal computer. They come in various styles ranging in size from small to large. There is also something called the all in one and it is made just as the name infers.

When shopping for a PC you need to know what you are buying it for. You may want to surf the web to shop or use an e-mail service, or simply create documents. Whatever the expectations you have with your PC it can be obtained at a reasonable price.

There are many things to consider in buying a computer. Laptops are a good choice for business executives and students. Their ability to be mobile makes them practical for use as files can be accessed wherever you go. For those less mobile a better choice is a desktop PC as it has better upgrade potential.

Those into gaming action definitely need a powerful PC. Speed and Ram are important factors in being able to keep up with gaming logistics. Find out about the top five contenders on the market that provide superior performance. They have great graphics and make great choices, all made with the latest technology.

A processor is an important component for any computer. The more work that your PC is called upon to do will produce a greater need for a processor that is strong enough to handle the work load. Basic functions will only require a general processor. The more complex the demands that you put upon your PC, may require a processor that is stronger than the one that comes with a basic computer.

A brain without memory is unthinkable. And so is the same for a computer, which is like a brain. Make sure that the computer you choose is equipped with enough memory for the functionality that it is expected to perform. If need be memory can always be updated.

The functions of a desktop PC are as great as the person who uses them. Whatever your purpose, the applications are available to ensure that your PC can function exactly how you want it to. Do your homework and find your best deals, they are out there. - 30430

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Some Facts About Gaming Pcs

By Matthew Kerridge

If you have noticed that your desktop computer is not keeping up or even working adequately when you are playing one of your favorite shooter games, it may be time to consider the purchase of an actual gaming pc. A gaming pc is built with the specifics of what every gamer needs to ensure that they can enjoy a game with intense graphics. If you are a little unsure about what makes a gaming pc different from a normal computer, here is some information to educate you.

The inside of a gaming pc is very intricate. If you look inside you will find hardware that is the best that you can possibly find. Gaming pcs usually utilize the most high quality technology available. Upon further inspection of the gaming pc, you will see that it has plenty of ports located everywhere for any gamers that may need to plug in gaming peripherals. Often times, gamers will build their gaming pc custom to ensure they get everything they need out of the computer.

You need to have a vast amount of memory on your gaming pc. As in, gigabytes upon gigabytes of storage space available. This will ensure that you don't have a game that runs too slowly during your game play. However, just as important as memory is, the gaming pc must also have a fast processor. A super fast processor will prevent your computer from freezing up while you are playing. Everyone knows that the game becomes less fun and more frustrating when your computer is constantly freezing on you, so gamers try to prevent this as much as possible.

The top graphics and sound cards are installed into a gaming pc. The last thing anyone needs when they are playing a game is to have choppy visuals or sound that does not match up or come to par with the gaming experience. To avoid this, gamers choose high quality sound and graphic cards to ensure that everything matches up correctly.

A quick browse at gaming pcs will easily show you how different they are from normal computers, just from the way that they look. These computers often have different and decorative casings from other computers to reflect that they are specifically for gaming. Do not be surprised if you see a gaming pc with decorative lights or a clear casing to show off what is stored inside the shell. The appearance is meant to draw attention.

The reason why some gamers choose to build their pcs custom instead of buying them is because they have the funds to do so and they have everything in mind of what they need from their ideal gaming pc. Beginners may often buy pre-built gaming pcs, but later on either rebuild or build custom pcs when they have more experience and knowledge of what they want from their gaming experience.

If your desktop isn't meeting your needs anymore when you are gaming, it's time to consider a change. If you are going to game seriously or if you just want complete enjoyment out of your games, then consider a gaming computer. Check around to see what's available and find a gaming pc perfect for you. - 30430

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Can A Windows Registry Cleaner Speed Up Your Slow PC?

By Roger Davenport

There is a very important element inside your computer that is in charge of keeping your computer up to speed and that element is called the registry. The registry is an extension of your operating system that's sole job is to keep your system files organized. Whenever you go onto the internet to browse and download, the registry is hard at work making sure that everything gets put in the right place.

It may seem a little crazy, but even the smallest thing can cause a big problem. When you move files around, download you favorite songs and programs, or just surf the web, you may be unknowingly creating errors in you PC's registry. Errors in your registry can create too much stress for your registry and that will cause your computer's performance to suffer. You will notice random errors and an extreme slow down. When that occurs it is time to call in a good Registry Easy cleaner.

The Registry Easy cleaner does a very important job. The registry can be checked manually, but it is very intricate and delicate, so when it needs to be checked for errors, even the slightest mistake will cause a disaster. The Registry Easy cleaner is a program that is designed to check your registry thoroughly. Once it has located all the errors inside your registry it can repair them right on the spot. Errors in your registry are usually very hard to locate and, unlike us, a registry cleaner knows exactly what should and should not be in the registry.

When a computer is not performing at its optimal speed the first thought is that it has been subjected to some form of a virus or malware and that it has a corrupted hard drive. That is not normally the case and all hope is not lost . It is a good idea to check your registry with a Registry Easy cleaner before you decide to take your computer to a "computer expert". Most often, when your computer is running slower than normal, it is not due to a virus, but rather, a cluttered and overworked registry.

If you would rather take your computer to one of those PC repair companies, they will charge you an arm and a leg and tell you the same thing, but in fancy PC lingo that you do not understand. They thrive on people that do not know anything but basic knowledge on the PC and its components. Honestly, it's really not as difficult as you would think. - 30430

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The Expensive And Daunting Pc Desktops Search

By Matthew Kerridge

So you know you're interested in buying PC desktops for your next computers. The best way to go about knowing what you're looking for would be educating yourself on what you need for your intended use. There are different capacities required for different types of users, and once you know where you fit it, it's easier to narrow down your decision.

Many consumers are really just looking for something that they can use to connect to the internet, send emails and photos, and stay connected to their friends. Some activities might include research, homework, and the like but overall you're looking at basic uses. Since the PC has been in direct competition with the laptop for quite some time you'll be happy to know that you can get the PC that will meet your demands for less then $1000. The PC has been looking toward the consumer to help spread cheaper sales back over to the desktop version.

Some people need a system that can handle more than just email and web surfing. If you deal in large files and need faster response times then you may very well be interested in a model that ranges in between $1000 and $2000.

There is no need to go over the top for these kinds of activities. You will be able to bring the best of all worlds to the family for a limited amount of money.

If you're an avid gamer and you know that you want to be able to move forward and conquer the higher level games that are just hitting the market today, you will need a minimum of $3000 for the desktop system that will be able to keep you competitive. Of course, you don't want to buy for more than a year in advance, as new technology will come out right after you buy this PC. You'll need room in your budget to upgrade as new games make their way toward better, leading edge technology.

Know what the system requirements should cost you in both the PC desktops and the laptops. That way you will be able to easily recognize when you're being snowed into paying way more for a system than you need to.

It takes time to compare and develop a reasonable education regarding PC desktops. Don't make this decision on a whim. Rather make a decision that breaks down facts, figures, and expectations of the system's abilities. This way you will in no doubt be able to land yourself the best deal possible. - 30430

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Beta Gaming Testers - Becoming a Video Game Tester

By Kevin Bryant

In Becoming a Video Game Tester, you should be able to meet certain requirements and uphold certain values that will make you stay on the job.

First and foremost, you have to possess general video gaming knowledge. You have to have an ample experience in playing different kinds of games because this would make you ready for just about any kind of game that would be asked for you to play or test. Oftentimes, a beta game tester will be asked to play test a variety of games with all sorts of difficulty levels. For this reason, it helps for beta game tester to be skilled in playing. And what better way is there to acquire skill than to gain a lot of experiences?

Next, a video game tester should possess basic computer and internet skills. He should know how to download, install, and troubleshoot software, as well as identify and isolate technical issues. A video game tester is expected to report issues found within the game and communicate with game designers and programmers every now and then. For this exact same reason, a video game tester should possess good communication skills and problem-solving skills. Video game testing requires team work, and a good video game tester knows how to work well within a team environment.

Lastly, it is important for a video game tester to have a sincere passion for gaming. Oftentimes, this job would demand a video game tester to play the same games over and over in order for him to be able to identify all the different bugs and errors within them. Having a sincere passion for video games will keep you in control, relaxed, and committed to doing your best.

Becoming a video game tester sounds like real fun. But at the same time, it is also a real job with real responsibilities. - 30430

About the Author:

Why Is A Desktop Computer Right For You?

By Matthew Kerridge

The personal computer or PC is also known as a desktop computer. These computers are made for staying in one location and most are used in homes or offices. Laptops and notebook computers are designed for travel instead. The first computers made were gigantic in size. They took up entire rooms in fact. When the first desktops came out they were big and bulky, but compared to the original computers, they were considered small even though they still really outsize our modern computers.

The variety of desktop computer is wide however. This usually ranges from company to company, as tower sizes can be either full size or slim, they can stand vertical or can lay on their sides. They also can be tucked behind the newer LCD monitors that are available.

Monitors for desktop computers are also very different. The first monitors were huge, bulky and weighed a ton. Modern monitors are being made in flat panel and they are very compact and very light. Also as technology advances, the price goes down. There are now touch screen models available for those tech people.

The all-in-one unit is a very cool design of desktops. It is the most space saving computer available. Instead of having a separate tower that houses the computer's mother board and all of it's functioning parts, it is all built in to the back of the monitor. This is a great idea for people who have very limited space.

Unlike laptops, the PC has an external mouse as well as external keyboard. This makes for a variety of choices when it comes to choosing accessories. Also speakers are external so they can also be bought separately. This means you can choose top of the line accessories.

PC's have something over laptops though. Most are better all around from their operating systems to graphics and video capabilities. People who do a lot of computer gaming or who work with photos or other graphic programs choose to use PC's instead of laptops. Also, the memory and RAM tend to be much larger.

Because as time goes on, technology improves, a PC is a better choice because they can be easily upgraded. Memory and RAM can be added even by the least tech savvy person. Also things like wireless networking cards can be added as well with just a few screws. Trying to perform these tasks on your laptop can be frustrating and you run a lot more risk of damaging the computer. Choosing a PC is an all around better deal when shopping for a computer. - 30430

About the Author:

Should an Individual Go for Computer Rental or Computer Purchase?

By Adriana Noton

In a day and age when computers can be purchased for just a fraction of the price they once brought, many wonder whether renting or buying a computer is the most cost effective option. Sure, businesses benefit substantially from renting computers, saving themselves upkeep and upgrade costs when the time comes, but for the individual purchaser or renter the choice is not quite so clear. Here are some things to consider when making this decision.


It seems like Microsoft is always launching a new operating system. Also, you may find that you prefer a Mac over a PC. When you purchase a computer, you must simply guess as to the system you like best. You can get advice from those around you, but you will find that for some, one system is ideal, while you have a hard time getting the hang of it. Renting allows you to try out operating systems for a short time. If you find that it is not the right fit for your needs, simply change computers when your lease is up. When you purchase a computer, you are stuck with the one you buy until you can afford to change machines.


If you can get financing, a new computer purchase may be an option. However, you will be paying for the computer long after it has lost most of its value, and interest charges will make the actual out of pocket cost much more than the sticker price on the computer. Unless you have cash on hand to buy a machine, renting may be more cost effective. It will also be a better option if you are not able to get financing because of a short or negative credit history. Credit checks are not required for most rental companies. You will need to prove stable employment, but if you can afford the rental cost, you can get a computer, regardless of your ability to buy them.


Do you like to have the latest, greatest technology on your machine? With a home computer, you can do some upgrading within the actual machine, but if you purchase your machine you will be limited. With computer rental, you will be able to trade in your computer for a "newer model." Of course, your lease agreement may dictate how often you can do this, but for most people you will find that you can have an up to date machine at all times with renting.


With computer ownership, you must buy a warranty to guarantee that you can get affordable repairs. When your warranty runs out, you will be stuck paying for repairs out of your own pocket. If you are good at making these repairs on your own, this is not a difficulty, but the average computer user knows little about how to remove viruses, swap out hard drives, and perform other basic maintenance to the machine. Rented computers are the property of the rental company. As such, they will handle most repairs to the machine.

Computer rental is a viable option, not only for businesses but also for individuals. Before you pay for a brand new machine, consider whether or not it would make more sense to rent one and save yourself the hassle and expense of buying a computer. - 30430

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Gamer Testing Ground Review

By Kevin Bryant

Do you want to get paid to play new and unreleased video games? Do you want to get free copies of video games? Do you want to get cheat codes, level secrets, and other bugs that only game testers know about? Gamer Testing Ground will teach you how to get paid a full-time job?s salary just to play video games all day long.

As a video game tester, you will be able to play video games that have just been introduced or have not yet been introduced to the market. You will get free copies of video games and also get cheat codes, level secrets, and other bugs that only game testers know about. The best thing about it is that you will get paid for playing them. In addition, you get to have vital real-world experience working with various departments such as development, marketing, and manufacturing. It can even serve as your first step into the gaming industry.

Over the past years, the gaming industry has expanded. Last year, it has become over a fifty billion dollar business and still, the industry continues to grow. Game companies are continually making new games, and so they are now desperately searching for people to test their games and find bugs and errors before they are released.

Gamer Testing Ground is a membership program which guides their members on how to apply for the game testing job. Its main objective is to land their members with a game testing career. It is connected to fifty game companies with open vacancies. It will provide you with the list of these companies and lead you through the application process.

As a video game tester, your responsibility is to play games and submit any bugs or errors within those games. It is fun playing games. But it?s more fun getting paid to play them. - 30430

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How To Purchase A PC Desktop

By Matthew Kerridge

What should you look for in your new PC desktop? There are many things to consider before you make a purchase regarding the right PC. One of the most common PC necessity is knowing beforehand the kind of operating system you are going to use. There are some platforms that are more compatible with PC desktops than other platforms. By knowing ahead of time which PC will best fit your entertainment, home, and work needs, you can decide the PC desktop that's best for you.

One of the first things you need to consider before you purchase a PC desktop is it that is user-friendly. If you're looking for PC that will perform quickly and will be easy to use, then you want to get a hassle free desktop PC that will not require add-ons. Many companies automatically insert add-ons to your new PC instead of giving you the option to choose the ones you need.

While some users think this is a fantastic feature, others are disappointed and disgruntled when their PC arrives. They might have to call customer service to dispute charges they didn't think they agreed to, or even send the whole PC back to the manufacturer. So you need to make sure you review your PC order before entering your credit card information to make sure you're not receiving add-ons you didn't want.

Before ordering a new PC desktop make a list of software and other applications you plan on using weekly or even daily on your new desktop PC. Check out the descriptions and any user reviews for the PC you are looking at so that you can be sure they are compatible together. For example, there are some PCs which are built for users looking for more graphic design interface, while other users will need a faster computer providing them with a processor capacity and speed they will need to put together websites with complex software.

Another crucial element of buying a new PC is the price. Many companies are rather vague on how much your unit will actually cost you. They might quote one low price on the description page or the ad you clicked on, but when you go to order the PC desktop, they quote a different price.

The newer price might reflect in addition of PC parts the company will assume you want, or they could be quoting a faulty price altogether. Make sure in either case that you review the invoice so you only pay for what you ordered.

Price brackets of PC's often indicate how well they will perform for you. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line PC with great graphics capabilities and speed output, you can expect to pay over $3,000 for the PC alone. Keep your budget in mind as you tally up the features you want in a PC to make sure you get all the value possible for your money. - 30430

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