Why Is A Desktop Computer Right For You?

By Matthew Kerridge

The personal computer or PC is also known as a desktop computer. These computers are made for staying in one location and most are used in homes or offices. Laptops and notebook computers are designed for travel instead. The first computers made were gigantic in size. They took up entire rooms in fact. When the first desktops came out they were big and bulky, but compared to the original computers, they were considered small even though they still really outsize our modern computers.

The variety of desktop computer is wide however. This usually ranges from company to company, as tower sizes can be either full size or slim, they can stand vertical or can lay on their sides. They also can be tucked behind the newer LCD monitors that are available.

Monitors for desktop computers are also very different. The first monitors were huge, bulky and weighed a ton. Modern monitors are being made in flat panel and they are very compact and very light. Also as technology advances, the price goes down. There are now touch screen models available for those tech people.

The all-in-one unit is a very cool design of desktops. It is the most space saving computer available. Instead of having a separate tower that houses the computer's mother board and all of it's functioning parts, it is all built in to the back of the monitor. This is a great idea for people who have very limited space.

Unlike laptops, the PC has an external mouse as well as external keyboard. This makes for a variety of choices when it comes to choosing accessories. Also speakers are external so they can also be bought separately. This means you can choose top of the line accessories.

PC's have something over laptops though. Most are better all around from their operating systems to graphics and video capabilities. People who do a lot of computer gaming or who work with photos or other graphic programs choose to use PC's instead of laptops. Also, the memory and RAM tend to be much larger.

Because as time goes on, technology improves, a PC is a better choice because they can be easily upgraded. Memory and RAM can be added even by the least tech savvy person. Also things like wireless networking cards can be added as well with just a few screws. Trying to perform these tasks on your laptop can be frustrating and you run a lot more risk of damaging the computer. Choosing a PC is an all around better deal when shopping for a computer. - 30430

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