A Quick Look At Error Nuker

By Jay Lenning

Computers have played such pivotal role in our ultra modern lives. These very helpful gadgets are very integral in our every day lives.

We have become so reliant in computers that we need them to finish different tasks we have whether they be very simple or awfully complicated. This is why we are very annoyed when something happens to our computers.

When our computers start slowing down, it is usually a sign that our registry is not in tip top shape. Our computers' registries are the parts of our computer that store information that is vital for its operations. This information includes our system's settings and hardware information.

However, as we keep on using our computers, our registries start to get errors. These errors make our computers work slower. But this dilemma is quite easy to solve. If computer viruses are killed instantly by an anti-spyware program, a disarrayed registry can easily be sorted out by a registry cleaner.

There are plenty of registry cleaners but the one that I have just tried is named the Error Nuker. What I liked about the Error Nuker right off the bat was its very simple interface. It still looked very put together but it's completely easy to use which makes it perfect for those who aren't that good with the computer.

I immediately put the Error Nuker into the ultimate test. I allowed it to scan my registry and I waited until it finished. I noticed that it took a couple of seconds longer to finish than the other registry cleaners which I have tried but I was impressed with the very comprehensive nature of the scan.

Lastly, for a registry cleaner to pass my standards, it always has to make back ups of my registry before it starts cleaning everything up. For me, this is very important as this allows me to restore my registry if ever things don't work out so well.

The Error Nuker had such feature. - 30430

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