Pros And Cons Of Personal Computer Desktops And Notebooks For Students

By Andrew Johnson

When heading off to college, it is important to consider whether you will need our own personal computer with you. For most courses this will be the case, as it is far more convenient to use your own than one provided by the college in the library or elsewhere. Before you decide upon which to get you may want to consider the benefits of each one. So pc desktops or laptops?

First of all, lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting a laptop computer. Well, they are portable. This is most probably their main draw for students who are constantly mobile and on the move. You can quite easily pick it up and get on the move, taking it into lectures, to the library, to a friends place. Its also makes it very easy to just pack up your laptop again and take it home during break.

Another big plus is that laptops can be used in class. You can quite easily take it along to any lectures you have and type up notes at you listen. For quick typists this is a far better solution that writing things out by hand. Additionally, with widespread wireless internet, using a laptop has become ever more convenient, enabling you to browse the web at your leisure wherever you are. Finally, they do tend to take up less space, which is a plus for a student with a small and cramped room.

How about desktops then? First of all, they are cheaper and offer you more value for money when it comes to what you get from their performance. They will also be a lot more reliable and if you were to spill a drink on your keyboard that would simply involve the purchase of a new keyboard and not potentially a whole new laptop.

In terms of performance they are also better value and you will get a more powerful specification across the board on most occasions. Depending on what you want from them they are also better for gamers who wish to enjoy video games on them as they have faster and more powerful video and graphics cards. They are also harder to steal for any potential thief.

Finally, desktops are more ergonomically correct for their users. They are better for your posture, for you eyes and your hands and for students spending a lot of time sat at their desks fiddling with their pc's this is an important factor. - 30430

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