Pointers For When Buying A Pc Desktop

By Andrew Johnson

Even if it is not your first time in buying a pc desktop for you or for someone else, and there still some out there that may be getting their first home computer, it is still nice to be able to have a little bit of a guide or advice when you are out shopping for one.

One of the first things you should probably look for when going out to purchase a pc desktop would be the processor. Even though there are still only two major ones to choose from, AMD and Intel, these days they offer so many varieties with so many different "layers", that it can be confusing on which one to get. There are several different categories that you should be aware of. For instance there is the outdated category which means that it is probably no longer manufactured and is only put in refurbished models or very low budget models. These computers would probably run very slow and may not even be able to run up to date software. The next category would be the budget processor can still be on the market or not, depends upon the model. These processors work pretty well if you are OK with an average running computer, this would be a good choice at a lower price. The middle end processor is probably the one that most people end up choosing. This processor pretty much will do all that a person requires and the price is right as well. If you are a person who wants top of the line of everything you would probably want the cream of the crop Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 to 975.

Another important thing you need to look at is the memory or RAM that you want on your pc desktop. Most computers now use what is called DDR3, the DDR2 will now just be found in your low budget computers. If you are wanting a smooth running computer, make sure that the RAM is at least 4GB.

The hard drive is an important part of your pc desktop for the storage size and for more speed. The larger the storage area the faster your computer is going to operate. These days, it seems that the most common size of hard drive is around 500GB, some others even go for more. But you'd be doing good at 500GB.

We now move onto the next thing you should look for in a pc desktop and that would be the optical drive (CD/DVD/Blue-Ray). Most systems have these, even the budget system. Just make sure that the DVD drive is capable of supporting both +R/RW and -R/RW. And the speed should be at least 16x for the one that records.

Video cards are an item that seems to change every few months. If you are not concerned so much with say, 3D graphics then it is probably OK to just go with one that has a good amount of memory and DirectX on board.

Now that you have decided which pc desktop model you are going to buy, it is very important that you buy a good monitor. A good monitor is going to help you enjoy your computer experience a lot more. Although the CRT type monitor is still being sold, most people are turning to LCD monitors. These monitors use less energy, are slim and sleek and the visual experience is far superior to that of a CRT. It is also important that the ratio is a 16:10 or 16:9, especially if you are an avid movie viewer.

The best advice of course to make sure that the pc desktop that you are getting fits your specific needs and not what is popular with others. After all, it is you that will be using it not anyone else. - 30430

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