How To Pick The Latest Desktop Pcs For Home Or Office

By Andrew Johnson

You may be aware that there have been big advancements in desktop PCs and home computing over the last five years. Now you can easily find computers that are more than twice as powerful as those sold just a few years ago.

For many people their budget is the prime factor when deciding on a particular model. There is a huge price range available. It is possible to pay as little as a few hundred dollars or pay upwards of two thousand dollars; you need to do thorough research so that you get the best machine in your price range. It makes good sense to already have an idea of how much you are willing to pay before you start shopping as otherwise it can become confusing to choose between the various options.

If you have a basic understanding of computer hardware then you may find it more economical to assemble a system yourself. This will allow you to put together a PC that has the qualities and performance you demand. For example some people will put more emphasis on having a fast processor or large capacity hard drive.

If you are only going to use the PC every few days to check your mail and surf the net then there is no need to choose an expensive option. A computer that doesn't have the latest hardware and applications should be more than adequate for your needs.

If you can afford to spend a few hundred more dollars then you can pick up a PC that has extra abilities. By paying around $600 you can buy a system that has greater memory, faster processor, and a DVD burner. Remember to check whether the price of the monitor is included in the cost.

The most expensive PCs will come with a dual core or quad core processor, as much as 4 GB Ram, and a hard drive that is at least 500 GB. A lot of new models also come with a Blu-Ray player for a perfect home cinema experience.

Before you spend your hard earned money you should have an idea of what type of PC you are after. It is important to think about how you will use the PC as different tasks require different specifications. If one of your motives is to have a modern gaming PC then pay close attention to the graphics card.

Another consideration is the Operating System. Gone are the days when we had very little choice on the OS we use. Today a lot of new PCs will come with the latest Windows 7 operating system. This is very reliable and responsive. - 30430

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