How To Clean Windows Registry - Windows Registry Cleaning Tips

By John Adams

Your registry has a crucial role in your computer because it stores very important files required by most programs to properly run; hence it is imperative that you should know how to clean Windows registry and perform this method on a regular basis in order to ensure that your system is always on top working condition. It is essential to know that every activity that you do on your unit is being recorded in this area of your system; such activities are installation of new software, running a program, and even minute changes like editing or simply using your mouse creates a file that records this activity and stored in this area.

Before making that decision, you should need to understand the importance of performing this task. This area of your computer plays an important role of being the storage room of all essential files; and at the same time, it also contains various useless files such as those left by programs which you have already uninstalled but they were not completely removed during the un-installation process. In many instances, they also contain unwanted data like a variety of recordings on every activity you did with your unit. Hence, the more you use your computer, the more it accumulates junk files. Therefore, one group of experts says that you need to regularly clean this area at least once every six months.

One of the important tips for you prior to initiating the clean up procedure is to back up your system. This is an essential aspect because anything can happen during the cleaning process; in the event that something wrong happens, you can just restore back your system to its previous configuration and condition where it was working properly.

On the other hand, the other group's answer to the question on how do you clean up the registry is a resounding "No, you do not need to clean this area." This is based on the risk involved in manipulating this area of your computer. For them, the benefit of slightly improving your computer is definitely not worth enough to bring your computer at higher risk of damaging your registry as a result of erroneous move to delete important files. Furthermore, according to them, there is still no legitimate testing of registry-cleaning tools to date that will prove its claim of greatly improving the performance of your system from the use of such programs.

Therefore, you need to have some degree of knowledge on the basic features which the best software should possess that will efficiently perform its intended purposes. It is essential to note that there are excellent products out there, as well as bad ones; hence, choose wisely when selecting the best program that will effectively fix corrupt registry. - 30430

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