How Can You Detect Adware Before it Gets on Your PC?

By Graham McKenzie

Did you ever open a website only to have half a dozen small windows? or sometimes full pages? pop up in front of you, trying to sell you everything from online dating services to the most embarrassing porn?

These incredibly annoying popups are powered by Adware, the odds and ends of software that malicious websites will download into your computer through the web browser's cache of cookies and old files. Most of the time Adware does not cause any long-term damage to your computer, but it certainly can slow down your computer's performance and block your view of web pages over and over again.

That's why it's no small wonder many people look for an effective way to zap adware before ever even gets on their computer. And, luckily for all of us, there are lots of options to help us to just that.

Following a single simple rule will drastically reduce adware's ability to infect your PC. What's the rule? Stay away from questionable websites. There are websites that you have to avoid at all costs. These include sites with picture, video, or music downloads. The no-go list includes any site selling dating, gambling, pharmaceuticals, or porn. It is, moreover, an excellent idea to stay away from sites for online dating services. Most adware gets downloaded to your computer from these kinds of sites. Avoid these sites, and chances are you will avoid adware.

Once in a great while adware comes from other sites, but there are options that allow you to detect and prevent it, too. The latest versions of popular browsers all provide adware protection. You could get a red warning flag telling you that a web page you are about to visit could put your computer at risk. Enable these features in your browser, and you will protect your computer from problems before they ever start.

What is the very best way to block adware from your computer? Install a good version of anti-adware software. Anti-adware detects potential adware, and blocks or deletes it before it ever enters your cache.

Anti-adware remains on all the time. Usually you can find an icon for it in the taskbar at the lower right hand of your computer screen. Each time you open a web page, open an email, or download a file, the program will scan the content of those files and warn you if there is any malicious content. Sometimes anti-adware will block downloads, and in the most severe cases it will quarantine files in the same that your anti-Virus software does.

With common sense and close attention for high-risk sites, and a good anti-adware program, it is easy to keep your computer safe from infectious files, unwanted popups, and annoying adware that slows you down and gets in your way. - 30430

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