A Gaming Pc Is A Different Breed Of Visual Stimulation

By Andrew Johnson

For those that want to play MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role playing games) you need to find the right gaming pc. If this is going to be your first gaming computer then you need to know what to look for.

A computer that is designed for gaming is built differently that a regular computer. You can do the same tasks that you can on other computers, but if you are only surfing the web on a gaming computer, then you are seriously wasting resources.

Of course, you can always upgrade the computer you have now but there are several parts that will need to be swapped out. A gaming PC should be designed for maximum air flow through the case and its components. A quality video card is a necessity for decent game play. You want your shades of blacks to be distinguishable so that you can find the assassin that is hiding in the shadows.

The processor is a big focal point. If your processor cannot keep up then the game play will seem choppy and erratic. The game play is often fast and you need to your PC to keep up with the action. A quad-core processor is the best that you can get and you should not have to deal with long load times and annoying choppiness.

Your RAM should be many and your hard drive should be spacious. Your game play and graphics are directly affected if you do not have enough memory. Try and stay in the range of 4G worth of RAM, if you just intend to play a game. If you want to Facebook with your friends, listen to music and run something else in the background, then you might want to start with 6G of RAM. A 500G hard drive is ample for your needs.

Do not forget your accessories. You will need joysticks, controllers and maybe even a steering wheel. You can buy accessories as you need them for the games but you will need some type of controller. Try to buy two or three, if you can. You never know when your friends will show up. It is important to make sure that your tower has plenty of ports that you can plug into.

There are many fancy towers out there. Some that light up and pulse along with your game play. And there are other cases that just look really cool and unique. But the outside case does not have anything to do with how your games will run, so make sure that you have anything that you want and need on the inside before you worry about outside appearances. - 30430

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