Create Gaming Pcs Without Breaking The Bank

By Andrew Johnson

So you've looked over gaming PCs and you're ready to build one of your own. With so many choices out there, and such different price ranges for equipment, you can feel a little lost in the computer hardware shuffle. Don't despair, because we've got a little help for you!

Don't give up, though. You just have to break system requirements down into what you really need to buy so that your machine performs the way you want it to. We've tracked some great gaming components at inexpensive prices, that will let you enjoy even the most graphically intensive games available today.

You need only consider three components to build s great gaming PCs: the CPU, the GPU and the system RAMThere are some astoundingly powerful CPUs on the market today. They carry truly astounding price tags, too. Most of those high-end processors won't offer you the processing you need for gaming, though. At around $100 you can buy the Athlon II X4 620 by AMD and not have to worry if your CPU can handle your games. The Athlon II X4 620 provides fantastic game processing at a price that won't hurt your bank account. Higher end processors like the Intel Core i7 965 or the AMD Sempron 140 are more powerful, and cost more, but they don't handle gaming nearly as well.

Once you've found your CPU, it's time to pair it with a video card (GPU) that will handle your game's graphics. You can easily find GPUs that offer 2 GB of video RAM, but they don't really provide better performance. A GPU with only 896 MB of video RAM can handle just about any game you throw it beautifully. You can spend about $130 on the Nvidia GeForce GTS 250, or $160 on the AMD Radeon 5750, and render stunning gaming environments for relatively little out-of-pocket cost.

At this point, The system islikely to be the most expensive portion of gaming PCs. RAM prices are high right now, and it looks like they may stay that way. But you don't have crack open the piggy bank, either.

Your new gaming PC doesn't need the full 24 GB of system RAM that several newer computers support. In fact, that much RAM only offers a very slight increase in performance, and the massive cost doesn't make it worthwhile. You can purchase 4 GB of system RAM for much less and still enjoy hours of superb gaming. You will, however, have to invest in a 64-bit operating system like Windows XP x64 to utilize more 3. 5 GB of system RAM. Without a 64-bit OS, your system won't recognize the full spectrum of RAM available to it.

Finally, if online gaming is what you're looking for, you'll do fine with the Realtek Ethernet chipset included in your computer. Most gaming network cards cost a lot more and don't really improve your connection, so don't waste your money. Instead, invest in a good router and lightning-fast Internet service. - 30430

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