Advice On Buying An Excellent Desktop Pc

By Matthew Kerridge

Whatever you require a desktop pc for, it should work well for you. Remember that it is stationary and upgradeable. So, here a short guide is provided to help you buy a new desktop pc, whether you want to use it for gaming, Internet browsing or work.

There are two main types of operating system a desktop pc supports; PC and Apple Mac. Windows is a PC platform and is the most commonly used globally. However, because of its popularity it is more susceptible to viruses from hackers. Mac pcs are less susceptible to viruses but have less support from third party software suppliers. Be sure you understand the advantages and drawback of each system before decided on which to buy.

Next take a look at the processor speed. Most processors are made by Intel (Pentium) or AMD (Athlon). Be sure you purchase a pc with a modern processor as many software programmes do not run on the older versions anymore, which are a lot slower.

Many consumers of pc computers are confused about the motherboard. Don't be. It is a highly fundamental component of your desktop pc and normally should support audio, video and LAN ports. Additionally most pcs nowadays support USB 2. 0 ports, the traditional PS2 ports and gaming ports. Be sure to ask about this to ensure you get what you want. Both IDE and SATA types of hard disk should be supported. Depending on what you will be using your pc for you will need sufficient memory (RAM) to be supported by the motherboard as well.

Are you a download fanatic? Then you will need to make sure you have enough space on your desktop pc. Up-to-date software programmes also require more and more space and you will need enough RAM to run more than one application simultaneously. A personal computer with 2GB of memory (RAM) and up to 300GB of hard disk space is normally sufficient.

Ensure the optical drive has CD-RW and DVD-RW. This means you can read and write from and to both CD's and DVD's, especially important if you plan to take back-ups of your work or create video's.

The get the most out of your desktop pc, purchase a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor to go with it. The benefits of a LCD monitor include its size (takes up less space), the display and sharpness of images and the power it consumes. LCD monitors need only about half the power needed for a traditional monitor.

Maybe the most important thing is to check all the documentation of your desktop pc. Read the terms and conditions, the warranty and support manuals and make sure you understand them. Many pc companies will have a website where you can go with any additional questions you may have. - 30430

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