Knowing More About The W32 Smitfraud Virus

By Jake M. Black

There are a lot of things out there that are not good for us - too much fatty foods is one of them. In the same way that eating better keeps up healthy, having a good anti-virus program on our computers will keep us safe from viruses like the W32. Smitfraud Trojan horse.

This can make your life annoying because it will pop up all kinds of adverts for pornographic websites or gambling over and over again. With this virus you also cannot simply restart your computer once you get rid of the virus manually. It will just restart along with the computer.

With a virus like this it will send out all sorts of small malware problems and you can easily get rid of these. This virus will also start to mess around with the functionality of your computer. It can make it slow, it can stop it from opening certain files and because it attacks windows security features you can be at huge risk for identity theft.

With an ordinary virus you will find that your system slows down or that strange things start happening. You will know if you have the W32. Smitfraud virus because you will have tons of pornographic and gambling websites opening and popping up even when you have a pop up blocker in place.

An anti virus program is not all you will need, because you need to make sure that you do not get spyware and adware too. So an anti-spyware program and anti-adware / malware program is what is needed for you to be totally safe on your PC.

These are just some of the things that your computer will have wrong with it when you have the W32. Smitfraud virus. You can easily get rid of this virus by using a special program that you can download. When you have this virus you will want to use the remover right away and you can get different ones for different versions of windows so you should be careful which one you choose.

Once the virus gets into your computer, it will start downloading file to your PC, it will search your browsing history and it will search for any passwords on your PC. It will then send any information it find back to its creator and it will start popping up ads on your PC (mostly porn). - 30430

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