When Choosing A PC Desktop Is A Better Option

By Dan Johnson

Computers are such an integral part of life for most everyone and when it comes to the functions they perform, the possibilities are vast. Whether in the workplace, at school or simply browsing for information, computers handle a lot of processes. New developments and advancements are only expected to improve the use of the computer.

However, there has always been a question among us whether to buy laptops or PC desktops. Many would choose laptops because of their portability while working the same way as desktops. However, getting a desktop computer has numerous benefits.

First, PC desktops can be more reliable than a laptop. Desktops have been under development for a long time, and companies know how to make them right. It is easier to make larger components for big computers than to make it compact and squeeze it into a laptop. Sometimes, these tiny components in a laptop can cause problems with the computer.

Next, PC desktops will not put a limit to the amount of work that you can do on them. If you need to work overnight, you may not be able to put your laptops on that kind of abuse as they can overheat and make the system crash again. You might just find yourself having your laptop fixed for doing overnight projects.

Another advantage of PC desktops is the ability to utilize additional hardware. Information can be synchronized with a PC desktop's CPU, hard drive and memory. Though it's possible to hook up external hardware to a laptop, the extra memory can overwork the laptop and cause problems discusses above.

Desktop PCs are also easily upgradable. They have many slots available for new components or cards. For example, two hard drives can easily work as one by using RAID configuration and controller. You could make the machine a killer gaming computer by adding high end video and sound cards. Or you could just upgrade or increase the RAM to get the computer running that much smoother. Laptops simply aren't this customizable.

The tower that accompanies a PC desktop can also be customized to better suit an individual's personality. Color can be added to fit the scheme of a room or a more basic black case can be enhanced with colorful LED lights.

These are only a few of the benefits of PC desktops. When you choose these computers you will have a reliable system that can be upgraded and maintained for years to come. - 30430

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