What You Should Know About Rugged Tablet PCs

By Chas L Hinem

Rugged tablet PCs are among the best choices for field inspection and reporting, asset tracing and more. They can be used standing up and in all kinds of different locations, even ones that are too harsh for ordinary tablet PCs to deal with. Just like any other rugged computer, these PCs are subject to grueling testing and require a certain level of protection from their environment.

These computers are becoming extremely popular in the energy industry and utilities, as well as many other areas, and many companies are finding them indispensable. Whether it's a place where you used to use an ordinary laptop, or where a manual process was used, you'll find that rugged tablet PCs speed things up. All kinds of industries have been changed by this type of tablet.

Rugged tablets have the ability to cope with conditions where a conventional computer just can't manage. These computers work well in inhospitable conditions where flammable gases are present, in vibrating vehicles, and in extreme temperatures. They can resist water and dust, including total immersion, have the durability to survive a drop onto concreate, and provide excellent visibility even in bright or dim conditions.

Those are just a few of the situations that a computer might end up in when it's out in the field or being used in the plant. They need to work in near or total darkness or in bright, direct sunlight, without glare or readability problems. Plus, they require wireless capabilities if they're going to communicate with the main system to deliver information or to receive it - these wireless capabilities are improving by the year.

The wireless technology featured by the newest rugged tablet PCs gives them the ability to provide all kinds of important information, from geospatial data to schematics, and to receive important reference material in the field. This kind of technology is becoming steadily more affordable, and while you'll find that rugged tablet PCs cost more than an ordinary laptop, they cost less to maintain and replacement costs are usually not required.

Rugged mobile computers are also helping companies save money by streamlining processes and cutting out inefficiency, allowing for more effective mapping, better management, and lots of automation. Data is more accurate and you won't need to use paper files as often. The high price tag of a rugged tablet PC is one that'll save you money over the long run.

Rugged tablets give you the ability to navigate and enter data without reliance on conventional methods like a mouse or a keyboard, and they're more compact than regular laptops. They're simple to use and work well for specialized jobs, plus a rugged tablet PC can go wherever you need it to go.

All different kinds of companies are finding out that rugged computing is the right choice for them. This durable, versatile technology has only been on the market for a few years, but it's been advancing steadily ever since it arrived. Delivery and courier services, utility and energy companies and many more have been saving money, becoming more efficient, and improving accuracy with this great technology - your company should do the same. - 30430

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