Multi-Office Setting Video Conference

By Amy Nutt


Don't believe anyone that says that globalization is something that is effectively dead. It might be true that globalization is dead in the idea of creating a single world with a single currency and a single way of accepting everyone for who they are. It is not true to claim that economic globalization has not hit us with any amount of force. In fact, we'd have to question the aptitude of anyone that made such a ridiculous claim, especially if they were making it on behalf of the business world.

The fact of the matter is that globalization inasmuch as it pertains to the business world is here to stay. That means that there are going to be different settings around the world for different businesses. Communicating over the internet through e-mail, chat and phone is fine, but at some point you are going to want to have a business meeting with people if for no other reason than to visually introduce people and touch base with all of the offices around the world. That is where multi-office settings come into play through video conferencing.

The Basic Model

In the multi-office setting video conference model, the basic way in which things work is that you have a video terminal that is set up at each of the different settings in the conference. Then, monitors are set up as well so that the cameras can transmit their signals to each of the different computers and have that signal be transmitted to the monitor screens for everyone to see. In the end, if the conference has been set up properly, each of the settings in the video conference should be able to see each of the other settings when the meeting actually begins. It is a simple yet surprisingly effective way of making sure that people get in touch and stay in touch with each other when they are in different countries but in the same business.

Cost Efficiency

The truth of the matter is that when you compare video conferencing of any kind to the internet, e-mail, live chat or even something like voiceover internet protocol services, there is really no comparison to be had whatsoever. With e-mail especially, there is really going to be no way in which video conferencing can compare with e-mail when it comes to cost efficiency. There are simply too many new gadgets that need to be dealt with in different ways. These gadgets are expensive and that is where the cost comes in.


Even though the cost efficiency is not comparable, there are still other advantages to multi-office setting video conferencing that are still worth exploring. In the interests of brevity, it is sufficient to state that the most obvious of those is seeing your business partners. Humans are highly visual creatures and there is something to be said for getting the chance to have a meeting where you can see everyone you are talking to. It doesn't have to be everyday, but it can certainly be often enough to reinforce that visual team feeling. - 30430

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