The Illustration Styles Of Taylor Callery

By Kerisha Collins

Freelancer Taylor Callery can be found doing Conceptual and Lifestyle Illustrations, along with Editorial Design.

Taylor knows how to bring traditional designs together well with digitally enhanced ones to create his artwork. This is something which most of today's designers should be aiming to do.

Taylor handles subjects ranging from the very realistic to the extremely stylised and can provide anything from small black-and-white spot illustrations to large, full-colour pieces.

Taylors unique approach of producing illustrations allows for art direction and timely turnarounds. This makes Taylor very unique to other illustrators.

As his work has a wide range to it, there are no limits to what Taylor can produce in his designs. He can create such pieces like Fantasy Football, with mixed media effortlessly. The background colours displayed in this piece are highlighting the main feature in this design, which is the fantasy footballer.

Another illustration using various colours and blending modes is Opportunity. This is captioned by Taylor as Area businesses are aiming to capitalize on these terrible times to expand or to star a new, preparing for the upturn they know will one day come. I believe this to be another one of his highly influential, corporate related pieces.

Taylor's clients list is comprised of; Billboard Magazine, The LA Times, The Washington Post, The Progressive & More... Getting to work for well-known companies helps boost not only your name in popularity but your abilities as a designer. There will be more and more people taking notice of you and your work. He is an active freelancer and chooses to work hard by the nature of his designs. Even though his work is not like the ordinary illustrator, he is still able to produce artwork containing deep thought and meaning to them. This is an additional talent he posses, as he is designing to influence the hearts and minds of the viewer.

If your wandering how to produce these types of results and you are an aspiring artist, look up Adobe and Corel software. Popular titles such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter are fantastic programmes that can help digital artists produce fantastic results. There are also plenty of top magazines that are available with hundreds of great tutorials and guidance from the industries best designers and artists. If you are however interested in hiring Taylor for a commission, please do not hesitate to contact him via the site. - 30430

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