How To Recover Data On A Mac

By Walter Coyote

If you own a Mac computer or an Apple computer then you should understand how important it is to perform data recovery. Users of the Mac computers believe that they are untouchable when it comes to attacks or hacks as they believe they are completely protected. This however is not the case as there are many Mac computers, especially those working off the OS X operating system that are vulnerable. Data loss through a Mac computer happens pretty much the same as a PC.

Macs statistically are subject to less attacks and failures when compared to PCs. This is true but what you need to look at is the number of Macs versus PCs. There are many more PCs being used than Macs so the statistics do appear to be in the Macs favor, but in actuality this is very misleading. Macs are just as exposed to danger from viruses and hackers as any other computer.

Mac computers are still able to contract viruses that will damage or corrupt files on your hard drive and this can cause your computer to not work. Programmes that clash can also be a major case of data loss and this is all down to errors made by people. As well as these types of loss you can also have mechanical failure and also physical failure.

To reiterate the vulnerability of a Mac computer and its threat of damage, the Mac computer is built with several PC parts. So if a virus was to attack that part of the system then the computer will ultimately become infected. As well as being able to target certain parts of your system, viruses can also attack certain applications that are stored on your computer. So if you have this program installed on your computer then, no matter what computer you use, it will be attacked and become infected.

Data recovery for a Mac computer is very similar to PC data recovery. You can basically use software to recover information from your HD via FAT or NTSF files. If your media is removable then there are tools that allow you to recover lost data the same as if you delete a file by mistake you can scan you computer files for the one you have deleted and restore it.

Data recovery using a Mac is the same as PC data recovery. Using the software will allow you to restore files from your hard drive. Removable media corruption can also be fixed using the right software to recover the lost data.

Be sure to check, when downloading recovery applications that it will work on your operating system as some will not work on certain systems and will work on others. If you need advice, contact Mac directly and they will advise you of which software to download.

Always make sure that you use a different computer to download any recovery tools as by doing this on an infected computer it can result in damaging the system and it is advised to leave as much free space on your HD until the problem is fixed. - 30430

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