Almost Everything Has Been Revolutionized By Computers

By Zach Jacobs

Over the last 50 years, nothing has been a better advancement than that of the computer. If you think about everything that the computer impacts in our lives it is mind blowing. It has trickled into almost every aspect of our lives.

The computer was once a big, monstrous machine that took an entire room by itself. Now, computers come in a lot of sizes and some are as small as 9" display that sits on our lap. We often refer to them now as a pc, which stands for personal computer.

We have even now taken the computer and implemented it into our cell phones. This concept of a computer on our phone is absolutely amazing. It allows for so many applications of a computer while we are away from home and any other computer.

There are a lot of people that are on a computer for more hours a day than they are not. This happens because they have a job that requires them to be on a computer all day and then they choose to be on them at home for many different reasons. In fact, many jobs exist today that did not exist in the past because of computers. It is true that some jobs were lost as a result of the advancement of the computer, but the balance weighs heavily in more jobs created than taken.

When a student begins to attend college, they will discover that a pc is part of the required school supplies. So much of the schoolwork is done on the computer that a college student without a pc would not be able to survive and pass their classes without one. Some old timers worry that the penmanship skill is rotting away because of computers, but in reality it is irrelevant in today's world. As long as someone can write with enough penmanship that it can be read by others, they will do just fine in this world

Even our cars and trucks have been impacted by computers. Computers control some aspects of our vehicles as we drive down the road. Some of the things that they control include the air / fuel mixture, the anti lock brakes and the traction control to name a few.

Even restaurants have been impacted by the computer. If you go out to eat, you will notice that they have computers to input the orders so that they are not lost and also so they can keep better track of which orders need to be done when.

There is no doubt that pc's have penetrated into nearly every home in America as well as most homes in every other country. Computers have also penetrated the work environment in nearly every industry. They have revolutionized the way that we do research, read the news, socialize, write, share pictures and many other areas. They, indeed, have been the biggest advancement in the last 50 years and it seems as though we are only at the edge of a very tall mountain and it is about to get steep. - 30430

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